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Episode 5 Disappointment (vent here) **SPOILERS**

posted by MaroubraDave on - last edited - Viewed by 8.5K users
Firstly i would like to say great game and a fantastic concept. However the ending i would say is not so great. While it is very well made and certainly tugs at your heart strings, I didn't play the game and wait for the ending only to find out i die anyway... Now i know people may argue that you didn't see lee actually turn so maybe he will be ok, but the fact you left it this way is really a let down to the series. I was really looking forward to the last episode but in all honesty it just brought me down and i kinda wish i stopped playing at episode 4. :confused: There should be an alternative ending where you can at least live... Just my opinion.
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  • Kitmit13;730021 said:
    - There was constant tension to get to Clem on time and especially with the scene with Ben, trying to help him up when he was hurt. I found it had more tension then most episodes.

    - I think Clem didn't fully believe they were alive herself and it somewhat gave her closure to see them dead. As sad as it may be she can now move on and no longer have to worry for them. Besides the fact that she didn't really have any time to get upset over it, especially being surrounded by zombies with a dying Lee.

    - Plothole but still no reason to hate the episode :P

    - Perhaps thats just you because that guy creeped the crap out of me, especially when he was speaking to his deads wife head in a bag. I honestly loved how they took something I figured to be so unimportant and bit me in the ass with it. When I saw the car outside the hotel I start to squirm because I had stolen from the car and I knew I was going to get hell for it. Really good writing in my opinion.

    - Thats good in my opinion it IS based from the same universe, it's good they link back to it.

    - Same as above also it's just logical...

    - It was used to express the fact that there wasn't much time left for Lee, he couldn't stay bitten for long without becoming weak.

    - I don't understand why that is a point, it wasn't used a lot.

    - I guess you should of saved Bens life then. Would of made a lot better story. My Kenny sacrificed himself and used his last bullet on Ben so Ben wouldn't have to suffer (and Ben was really scared of becoming a walker), and stayed by him so Ben didn't have to die alone. Although I think it was silly for Kenny to not just shoot Ben and leave I think it was great that they finally came to a understand to point that Kenny would do that for him.
    I'm glad you noticed the car out side the hotel. What surprises me is that hardly anyone finds it a tad odd that he was able to drive to Savannah and arrive before Lee who was on a train and drive around without drawing any walkers towards him. I think the sound of a car driving around should have been heared by the Lee's group, Vernon's people who were from Savannah and Molly who had a birds eye view point of the city for most of episode 4, considering the city was at times desserted and know one saw this bright red hatch back car.

    In my play through Kenny didn't shoot Ben with his last shot, he shot one of the walkers, through the gun at the rest and tried to punch the approaching walkers.
  • Ja1862;730235 said:
    I think they should have kept Larry around longer, he was the most entertaining guy and the story should have gone on a bit longer then it did.

    Did ep3,4,5 take place in like 4 days???

    Would have been better if it was over a longer period of time, (Lee and Clem getting even closer, him becoming a dad to her etc), No silly radioguy holding a grudge oh and did I say this already MORE LARRY!
    Episode 3,4,5 were over 3 days. Episode 3 started in the afternoon they raided Macon, left motor inn, night fell, Carly died, Lee fell asleep and had nightmare about Clem turning into a zombie. In the morning they found the train. In the afternoon they met Christa and Omid. Episode 4 they arrived at Savannah minutes later in the afternoon, night fell and they went to Crawford. They arrived at the Manor in the morning. Lee had a nap, woke up to find Clementine gone, searched for her and got bitten. Episode 5 continues seconds later. Lee dies by the afternoon. What surprised me was in episode 4 when Lee was talking to Christa in the doctors office at Crawford and he said she hadn't been herself for a couple of days when he had only known her for a matter of hours when she was experiencing morning sickness.
  • shedim;730952 said:
    Seriously, this is bullshit. You have absolutely no clue about the infection, how it spreads, whnether it's a virus, bacteria or space magic. All you know is that people only turn if they die from whatever causes that don't damage the brain/head or when they get bitten.

    Don't run around telling people that it's unrealistic if you cut a bitten person's arm off and they survive, when the setting is a zombie apocalypse where dead people magically reanimate and try to eat the living. It might come across a little bit ridiculous, you know?

    Cut Lee's arm off -> Lee survives.
    Don't cut his arm off -> Lee turns.

    Making him turn regardless of what you do renders your choice useless and this is nothing but lazy writing, especially since you had absolutely no control about the way he got bitten. I was 100% sure there is going to be a walker near the walkie talkie and I would had grabbed the shovel or a stick, or simply approached the trash bin from the side where I can see what's there, but the game didn't let me. This is just lame. They sacrificed Lee in order to make the story as emotional as possible and as far as I can see they succeeded in making you guys cry rivers. While the story wasn't bad for a movie or a comic, it was terrible for a video game where your experience is supposed to be tailored by how you play. It simply wasn't at all and I was very disappointed that they didn't manage to make choices truly matter, not even in the final episode! I find the ending lacking. It's just lame and lazy.

    Personally, I didn't like the plot from episode 3 onwards when they killed Carley no matter what you did, but I could live with it. However, killing Lee in a cutscene and give the players absolutely no choice to get the ending they wanted, the ending that is truly tailored to their gameplay, well that's just lazy and lame. Dunno why you folks play video games but I play them because they're interactive. If I just want somebody to tell me a story where I my decisions have absolutely ZERO impact on I'll go read a book or watch a movie.
    I agree 100%
  • Pride;731248 said:
    Come on... Lee was passing out and shit, it was crystal clear to me that the poison had already spread on his body. It was a no-brainer to me deciding not to cut it off, because from other Walking Dead titles I'd already known that for the whole cutting it off business to work, it would've had to be IMMEDIATELY after the bite.

    Long story short , people who are knowlegeable of the TWD universe = didn't cut it off because they knew it wouldn't work
    Newfags = Cut it off and get upset because it didn't work

    I mean, it's not like any of the characters in the game had watched/read any walking dead stuff to automatically know it wouldn't change anything. That's why the choice was there.They had to try.

    Much like if Ben hadn't told them that people turned regardless if they were bitten or not, the group would probably have died in that meat locker by zombie Larry. They're not all-knowing.
    Look out we have a hipster over here...
  • Demonseed;731182 said:
    OMG are you asking for a different ending?? LOL.....too with it
    No i'm just giving an opinion of what I would of considered an ending more fitting, considering the episode was so short and the delays between these episodes were so long. I think most people will agree that the ending was underwhelming. Some people were so hungry for the game they were just happy to get fed, lapped it up and thanked Telltale for the bounty they received. What can I say, game endings matter to me. I'm old school like that. I'm from a time where games like Shenmue were played and gave you endings rewarding you for the time you invested playing the game. How much more more fitting is a quality ending for a season finale? Can you imagine if a walking dead story arc ended that way in the comics? or the tv show season finale for that matter. When your playing a game you invest more than you time, unlike when you read a book or watch a show you invest effort.

    The problem with such an ambiguous ending is that there is no guarantee that season 2 will see the light of day. The future of nothing is certain. If history has taught anything many tv shows get cancelled leaving cliff hangers; Dungeons and dragons,Reaper,My name is earl, Shenmue 3, to name but a few. At least if you conclude a season's story there is no hard feelings if for what ever reason the company can't continue with the project. Sega were over ambitious with the Shenmue franchise and we saw how that turned out. Shenmue 1 was a master piece with a rewarding ending but Shenmue 2 ended with as bad a cliff hanger as no time left did.

    Personally I think episodes 1-3 were better, more rewarding,had less if not no plot holes and were closer to the walking dead comics. They had the rise and fall roller coaster journey of highs and lows. Episode 4 onwards just went down hill, people dying senselessly, i'm talking about Kenny and episode 5's ending was abrupt. The ammount of people that turned of the game before seeing the Clementine sequence at the end is huge. An ending like that is fine if we don't have to wait a long time for season 2. But i'm pretty sure we will.
  • Episode 5 was a great tearjerking ending with people sacrificing themselves, and the conclusion of lee and clementine. Personally the part i hate about this is that after the credits they showed the next part with clementine and those 2 figures on the horizon.
    The scene just pisses me off and leaves me with a feel of in conclusion that doesnt feel satisfying. Clementine just sits there gawking at the shadows and watches, not doing anything. It makes it a cliffhanger ending making you have to play season 2 to continue which means this ending will go towards the bottom with the mass effect 3 endings.
  • What I annoyed me was:
    1. They gave you an option to cut off your arm. Yet this does nothing to affect your end fate or survival...which is still dumb regardless.
    2. I set up a plan for Clem to meet Omid and Christa by the what does she do? She goes running off into some barley fields for no reason in the after-credits scene! Wtf?! And are those two figures even meant to be Omid & Christa?

    Beautifully done, but those two points are just nagging at me.
    The ending was a little abrupt and they answered the big question, which I kind of figured would be the case. I knew it had something to do with that station wagon. However, the rest of the characters and situations were sort of ditched on.

    - Clem, annoyed me a little in episode 4 running off with a guy she's never met or seen before. However, I forgave her in episode 5. Problem still, she could have taken this guy out or escaped him pretty easily I believe. Maybe while he was busy talking to a head in a bag. I'll leave that alone but I think ending up in this guy's hands voluntarily was out of character. If he snuck in and kidnapped her, that would have made more sense. Btw, how could she pull Lee to safety in a zombie horde.
    - Ben, I brought him along to redeem himself. They built him up like he was going to do something epic for the group so he can fall off a balcony and die accidentally. All he did to help was grab my gun when I dropped it. Fail.
    - Vernon and the cancer patients jump Kenny and steal the boat. We don't get any updates on them after that. It's like they're irrelevant now. Huh? Even after the game they should have shown somewhat of a conclusion for everyone even the dead people in the series to reflect or something. For them, show them escaping on the train. Show them walking. Show them dying. Give me something.
    - Lily, I had her back the entire game for her to make off with the RV and never be seen again. I thought she was going to be the one who saves Clem and I from an impossible situation(if you sided with her.) No, she was literally concluded in episode 3.
    - Molly, cool helpful character, also kind of cute. Find her in episode 4, she helps you out then she leaves for no real reason. If we just finished getting past Crawford wouldn't you stay to catch the boat ride out. You made an effort to make sure we didn't leave without you when she left taking the battery with her. She would have been majorly helpful in this roof hopping episode. No where to be found in episode 5.
    - Kenny, complete trash heap if you ask me an also an utter waste of space. However, in this episode particularly all he does is make things worse and make you want to kill him more than usual. Then after a bunch of nothing and of course, wishing death on Ben. Ben falls to his death essentially, and Kenny goes down there to save him taking the rest of my bullets to kill Ben and HOPEFULLY himself. Chances are, he survived, but we wouldn't know that. Just like everything else in this episode.
    - Stranger guy, I figured that station wagon had something to do with it. However, it's a little ridiculous for people to steal the stuff you had in a station wagon you left unattended and now you have a walkie talkie, know we have a walkie talkie in our group and the right frequency to speak to Clem only when we can't hear or see it. If he's as crazy as they make him out to be, he more likely would have tracked us back to camp and tried to kill us there. Which, in all honesty would have made more sense of an attack than Ben and the bandits. Kind of lame and even though he has a station wagon it would be pretty difficult to follow us around through episodes 3-5.
    -This episode left us in the cold more than any other. Which is a fail because it's the last episode that's suppose to conclude the general idea. They can leave a cliffhanger but this was wrong, and worst of all, the episode was WAAAAAYYYYY too short and you would figure in an episode that's shorter and conclusive your decision should make a larger impact.

    Thank you so much for reading all of this. I really appreciate it.
    P.S. It's odd they didn't put any concentration on the Brie zombie that breaks into the house. I thought that was cool.
  • shedim;730952 said:

    Cut Lee's arm off -> Lee survives.
    Don't cut his arm off -> Lee turns

    its not so cut and dry. he waited until the first symptoms kicked in. had lee chopped his arm off immediately after he was bitten; he would have probably survived.
  • In regards to the train situation, it is possible all three made it there at some point, saw that it was over-run with walkers and decided not to stick around too long. They do show zombies wandering around the train yard at the beginning of the episode, but there's no way for the characters to know that right away. If it were me...I'd show up, stay hidden for awhile then get the hell out of there if it seemed to dangerous or pointless to stick around.
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