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episode 5 i cant download it

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hey game out right???? but why cant i download the new last episode it telling me coming soon
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  • Same thing here. The game says in the scrolling text that Episode 3 is now available, and when I go to the download screen it has 5 set as "coming soon".

    I do have all 4 previous episodes.
  • I bought multipack 2-5 episodes and was able to download 4 of them. But now it only says Coming Soon (iOS version of game) and scrolling text repeats "Episode 4 is now available ..." What is wrong?
  • I fixed this problem, by shutting off and turning on my iPhone / iPad.
  • Neolives;730267 said:
    I fixed this problem, by shutting off and turning on my iPhone / iPad.
    This one doesn't work for me
  • I just downloaded episode 5 for iPhone 4S with no issues..Finally. Will never purchase anything else from TTG.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    You will need to shut down the game application and restart your device. Wait a few minutes for the cache to clear before restarting the device. Make sure you are logged into the account you used to purchase the Walking Dead, and then re-launch the game. When you do this, you will see a black screen for a few moments. This is normal as an update will need to download. Afterward you should be able to download episode 5 from the in-game episodes menu.
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