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Did you decide to cut Lee's arm off or not?

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I personally decided to cut it off. It seemed that if there was any way I was going to live through this at all that I was going to have to cut it off (although, the only person I've ever seen survive a bite in TWD is Herschel from the TV Show). I mean, of course, it didn't matter anyways. But how many of you cut off your arm and how many of you didn't? Also, why?
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  • I didn't, because putting myself in Lee's place I'd be a bit scared because of the pain he would feel and because of the massive blood loss. And then I thought about Lee going after Clem with only one arm... so I thought - "Nope, not gonna happen." -
  • I figured if he cut it off he would have survived. :( I may replay it and not do it this time though just to see what was different.
  • I chopped it off. I needed to survive for Clementines sake no matter what. Even if it was just to live a little longer. Figured it was the final episode, maybe they'd throw me a different ending for deciding to to go such a brutal extreme, how naive a thought.
  • I cut it off, though I was disappointed I couldn't find a chainsaw to fit over it.
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  • I was totally suprised by the option to cut off your arm!
    Took me completely off guard, so I went for it without really thinking. Hoped it would work since it was an actual choice and felt really wierd seeing Lee without his arm.
    In the end, although I was pretty pissed off that the amputation option didn't even change his fate, I'm still satisfied the depressing, epic ending :)

    Still though TT...why the hell couldn't you make the amputation a vaild end-changing choice? Still would've been a great ending having Lee survive regardless to say.
  • So sad for Lee to die! I ddn't want Clem to have to go to Omid and Christa when Clem had been through so much with Lee! But i decided to cut his arm off in hope he would make it. Keeping them both seemed like giving up hope during first gameplay! Like to think he sucumb to his blood loss over the bite!
  • Luigi01080;731261 said:
    good to see that, i did enjoy strangling campman(or whatever his name really was) with both my hands though.
    I'm kinda sad I cut it off for ONLY this reason :).
  • I didnt cut it off, because it was too late for that. + I wanted to kick the ass of the one that kidnapped Clem.
  • I cut it off, but knew it wouldn't change anything. I like the way the horde fight changes if you have both hands though.
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