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This episode was short as hell, why?

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This episode was short as hell, why? I just want more and I need to wait for months D:
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  • Everything about it was so good that I honestly didn't notice. I felt it had everything it needed to have and I was satisfied. Besides Lee was bit what'd ya expect?
  • Doctanian;730477 said:
    Developer laziness. This was by far one of the longest episodes we've had to wait for and it turns out to be the shortest. Yes, it's urgent and fast paced, but it's short due to lazy writing. From the speed of episode five, the Marsh House wasn't that far from the house with the boat. So why the fuck didn't we have the option to just search there to console Clem?

    Lee hops the fence to get Clem's radio (and get bitten) but he can't hop the fence when you first see Campman? Bullshit.

    Lazy writing. Period. There's a million things wrong with episode 5.
    Not just with episode 5.
  • This isn't episode 1, where you walk back, and forth, and back, and forth until you find a pillow. No puzzles, just action.
  • TTG are not lazy. They have to make 2 different paths for Lee(different choices) to take plus hours of dialog(3 options + 1 silent option).

    They also took in mind how Lee and his group have had unlimited ammo up till this episode and had the whole team tell you how much they had got left.
    They didn't go to the Marsh house because of Kenny's obsession with the boat and the fact that you just came back from Crawford.

    Replay the episode without showing the bite, going solo or with a single person(Kenny and Ben) at a time(or only Christa and Omid) and see how that plays out.
  • I thought this shorter final episode (took about 1.5 hours for me) was well-paced and flowed very well, with a sense of urgency that would have gotten tiresome if it had gone on too long.

    Keeping in mind that there are 8 different possible combinations of the group helping Lee as this episode starts, two choices on Lee's arm that also have to play out differently based on that grouping, and quite a few different things the Stranger can or cannot accuse Lee of doing, there's a lot of alternate content that any one single playing is unlikely to use. The 1.5 hours we see could easily be drawn from 3 hours of possible dialogue/animation.

    There's also more specialized/spot animation created for this episode -- Lee's journey to the Marsh House features numerous zombie slayings, all of which appeared to be unique in my run.
  • It was shorter, but the action, tension, and emotional conversations were nonstop. You didn't have many areas to just walk back and forth and examine items and solve puzzles; every second was rising the tension and fully capitalizing on the relationship between these characters and all that they've been through.
  • It was hella short, but I spent the last twenty minutes sobbing like a little girl.
  • Here are our options, we can get the action packed episode with many options to choose from with the cost of the episode being shorter then usual. OR we could get an awesome longer then average length episode with many options at the cost of it coming out in say...June.
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