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Each choice leaves a mark

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Has anybody noticed that each choice that you make leaves its mark in each episode? These are the marks that I noticed.

Episode 1
Leave the house during the day or night- Chet is either alive or a walker

Refuse or give Irene the gun- Part of the motel falls apart

Save Carley or Doug- Eventually tell the group about your past or let them hear it from Lilly

Episode 2
Help David out of bear trap- Bring a dying David or Travis back to the motor inn

Help Kenny or help Lilly- Lilly will either remain clean or be caked by Larry's blood and one of the two will save you from Danny

The station wagon- Clementine will either be given a hoodie to wear or not

Episode 3
Kill or Leave Beatrice- Shorter or Longer time in drugstore

Leave or bring Lilly- The RV will remain by the tracks or be stolen by Lilly

Talk Kenny down or fight him- Lee will have scar on face (if hit)

Duck's fate- Either shot to prevent him from turning or left to become a walker

Clementine's picture- How you have treated her so far

Episode 4
Bring Clementine to Crawford- She will either be there with you or not

Molly attacked by a walker- depending where you shoot, or if Clem is there, will determine her fate

Drop or pull Ben up- Ben will either be around longer or dead

Hide or reveal bite- The group will know immediately or later

Who goes with you- How you have treated everyone up until now

Episode 5
Keep or remove arm- One arm short or still have both and will be able to use glass shard when fighting to the Marsh House

Surrender or keep weapons- Depends on what you direct Clementine to use when sneaking up Campman

Campman's fate- Lee or Clementine kills Campman

Leave or shoot Lee- Let Lee become a walker or die quick and painlessly
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