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First review of Episode 5 - 9.5 "Phenomenal."

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"Episode 5 is the emotional finale fans deserve."
‎I hope you’re ready to hear about The Walking Dead: The Game for a long, long time. In the next few weeks, the title from developer Telltale Games will likely win many Game of the Year awards. Moving into 2013, people will reference the series over and over as the benchmark for story-telling in games. And historically, it will stand as the game that reinvented or at least repopularized adventure games.
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  • Shacknews review:
    The Walking Dead has been doled out in small chunks to an already passionate fan base. As such, the game has earned its share of accolades. Now that it has completed the arc of its first season, and the full story has come into focus, I feel confident declaring it one of my favorite games this year, and one of the best narrative experiences I've had in any game, in any year
  • JabbaDaHuttX7;731789 said:
    Gamespot review.

    Better late than never, I guess. Could be the review I agree most with out of the majority of the mainstream sources, even if the coverage for this game (by Gamespot) is laughably inconsistent despite its mainstream appeal.

    "The abduction still feels tacked on, a phony way to take things back to the beginning when it was just Lee and Clem on their own. The plot has moved off on a tangent, with a new villain and a corny chase for a missing child that is miles removed from the brutal focus on survival that made the first three episodes so engrossing. The narrative flow feels forced. Too many core characters have died, and it feels like the game is being brought to a close largely because this is the final episode, not because the story is coming to a natural ending.

    Aspects of No Time Left also play fast and loose with the premise that the game responds to your actions, although the game varies enough based on how you play that you may or may not see any given inconsistency. At the start of play, for instance, you head out after Clementine with a buddy or four, depending on how good you've been getting along with everyone. But after some quick scenes, you might wind up back at square one, and a group that may have just told you to get lost could immediately offers to pitch in and help find your little buddy. "
    Dat 7.5/10 score sounds bitter.
  • JabbaDaHuttX7;731793 said:
    I only chose the most, um 'bitter' parts because that's pretty much how I said I felt. Gotta have someone to support my views.
    Thank god there's only 1 review that does;)
  • You can only get better at something by looking at the flaws.

    9.5 and 10.0 reviews are nice, and definitely are good for sales - but they don't show what needs fixing for the next round.

    I think Jabba's got the right idea.
  • JabbaDaHuttX7;731797 said:
    You do realize I'm posting that review because I actually want Telltale to make a better game, right? Unfortunate to see that you're so quick to discard a more critical look at 1/5 of the game.
    Dude I just think your being to harsh, honestly.

    I agree there's room to grow, so to speak, and I'm not denying it.

    I just had very low expectations for this game. Honestly, based off there previous efforts like Jurassic Park, I honestly wrote off this game expecting your usual TellTale mediocrity.

    They surprised me. They fucking surprised me. They made a game that honestly takes the art of story telling and nailed it to a tee, doing it in such a way that very few games the past 2 decades have been able to achieve.

    I understand what kind of company they are as well. They are a small company, who makes low budget downloadable games. I understand they might be refrained by money restrictions, so I'm able to let some technical and some "scope and vision" issues slide.

    That said, I expect more from Season 2 and will be much less lenient.

    But for now, I'll just celebrate what Telltale has created and there achievements with the cast of characters they created. The characters that I actually cared for. Characters that I actually wanted to KNOW MORE ABOUT. Characters that I actually wept for. It was amazing, crying for a character in a video game..something I never thought was possible honestly.

    Again, I see what you guys are saying about the issues you had with the series overall. That said, it didn't really effect me all that much, but I'm sorry it tampered with your overall gaming experience. I know the developers read this forum (and I know Gary Whitta reads this board as well), so I'm sure your cries aren't being left unheard.

    I just think that and the end of the day telltale did so many amazing things with the first 5 episodes that I'm just willing to let the few issues slide...again, season 2 is another story. But I want to give as much praise as possible right now to telltale and hope they win many goty awards, and hope that many people pick up the game and the sales allow for telltale to grow as company into something bigger and better, and to put an even better effort for season 2!:D
  • 9.5/10 is REALLY good.

    I honestly wouldn't expect that from a critic because of all the small glitches and wonk outs the game has sometimes.

    I really like that they saw past that and gave it the rating it deserves.
  • couldnt agree more with the review.
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