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Did **** die a good man

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So did your Lee die a good man trying to redeem himself after killing someone before the ZA, or did your Lee die the same way he was before the ZA.
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  • My Lee saved Carley, tried to save Larry, spared those idiot St. Johns, saved Ben and did everything possible to save Clem. (Though I popped a cap in Capman)

    Yeah, my Lee died a good man, and an excellent mentor.
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    Lee wasn't a bad guy at all! He just shot who that fu*ked her wife! So I do same if I were him
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    No one is agree with me?
  • Hmm, original playthrough??? (Bold text for killer decisions, underlined for good, nothing for neutral)

    Helped Shawn
    Duck (Before reanimation)
    Carley (Indirectly caused)
    Told Carley to give Irene the gun
    Helped kill Larry
    Left Lilly

    Chopped off David's Leg
    Killed Danny
    Killed Andy

    Tried to reason with Jolene
    Reasoned with Vernon
    Saved Ben
    Talked down Kenny
  • My Lee was a Psychopath XD

    Didn't help Omid or Christa onto the train.

    Didn't attempt to shoot the walker that grabbed Ben.

    Beat the living shit out of Andy, killed Danny.

    Threatened Vernon twice :D

    Beat up Kenny.

    Shot Duck.

    Sided with Lilly in the RV argument and blamed Carley.

    Called Larry an old racist and told him to go Fuck himself and Eat up.

    Then proceeded to help Kenny drop a salt lick on him.
  • I decided to take out Joliene after she threatened the funsack with the crossbow. Once she did that, I knew she had to go. lol
  • The cannibal bloke shot the lady with the crossbow in my outing. I never abandoned anyone (not Ben or Lilly) but I did stick a pitchfork through that cannibal, he deserved it though!

    Tricked the cannibal woman into walking back into the walker, left the other cannibal screaming at me "Its not over!" in the rain.

    Strangled Campman to death with my one remaining arm!

    Got beaten up by Kenny, lol.

    I still think my Lee was a good person, I had no guilty feelings about any of those people. I tried to save Larry despite the fact we hated each other, but Kenny took him out.
  • The only people I killed were Danny, Duck and Radioman. Oh and like ten bandits. I guess only Danny can be considered actual murder. Either way Lee never really reveled in it and was a pretty good guy overall. His goodness was most apparent through how he treated and cared for the daughter he never had but always wanted, Clem.
  • I didn't shoot Jolene
    I tried to save Larry
    Killed Danny
    Spared Andy
    Stole the food
    Abandoned Lilly
    Shot Duck
    Beat up Kenny
    Saved Christa
    Shot the boy in the attic
    Saved Ben
    Clem killed campman
    I didn't let Clem kill me

    I think Lee died a good man, others may disagree, but I guess that was the point of the game.
  • I think my Lee redeemed. I only killed 8 people, people that i had to kill like the 5 bandits attacking the motel. That was self defense. They were shooting at me and my group. I caused the death of David (the guy who got his leg chopped off by Lee). But I was trying to save his life. So I think that is forgivable. And I put Duck out of his misery for Kenny. Stopped him from turning into a walker. I was going to kill Campman but Clem shot him instead. The only thing I did that is kinda iffy is leaving Lily behind, but she killed Carley in cold blood, and could have killed someone else so I think I did the right thing. She could have killed me. I can't take that risk. She deserved it. I stole from the station wagon but I didn't think I was hurting anybody but I kinda did.
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