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TWD: My episode 2 choices are not being carried over to episode 3

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Some one please help. I have already payed for the season pass as soon as this game came out and I cannot wait to play every episode. I just downloaded episode 3 for my PS3 and my Episode 2 choices will not carry over to episode 3. I have not started playing Episode 3 because every time I select episode 3 a message comes up saying: "Generate random story decisions for skipped episodes?" Of course I select NO. Part of the fun of this game is the fact that your decisions affect future game play. I do not want to play without my decisions being carried over. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!! i have gone to episode 2 and have replayed the ending 3 times but the date and time stamp on the last saved game does not up date. I NEED HELP!! I really enjoy the game and it would be a shame if this does not get fixed. If my decisions are not going to be carried over then what else may be wrong with episode 3? Why should I even continue playing, or even recommend, this game if this crucial element is missing?

Thank you for your time in advance.
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  • FASTorSLOW wrote: »
    I am experienceing exactly the same issue; I've tried rewinding episode 2, but always start at the point when I'm walking away from the farm - even if I choose a completely different chapter to rewind to.

    The timestamp on the save files is not updating, no matter what I do; I can't even copy saves within the game.

    I would greatly appreciate a fix for this asap, as I'm very invested in the choices I made and don't want to start over...

    Thanks in advance.

    Any news on this telltale? Please take people's frustration as a compliment - it's testament to how invested people are in the story you are telling, and the choices they made...

    ...but it is still incredibly irritating to pay up front for a series of items, only to have them not functioned as advertised. Communication with your customers would certainly alleviate many's anxiety, so please just let us know if you're working on a fix for this issue!

  • Still no response from TTG, while their twitter continues to regularly post, and the same with the forums, even though this is more than half the topics on the first page.
    Gotta love good customer service, especially considering we've all paid up front.
    Absolutely terrible.
  • I'm having the exat same issue on PS3. I hope a fix comes out soon!
  • Seriously, no support or acknowledgement of this issue yet? Considering we've not only paid up front for this episode, but another two as well, I think this is a pretty poor show...

    Even if the issue was unfixable, I'd still appreciate being told - no communication is bad for everyone. It makes us, the customers, feel disenfranchised and neglected, and it makes Telltale look like an awful and untrustworthy company.

    Please engage with your customers about issues they are having with your products.
  • Hi all,

    As I'v already said in my first thread in this forum, I'm really surprised to see all these posts about possible bugs with the EP3 and the game in general, and no reaction / no support.
    It seems that nobody has planned to take care of this topic, create a dedicated section where some "admins" or "mod" would at least give answers and informations about the current process, simply even saying "yes TTG is aware now about that, working on it, check the section XXX,..." etc ...
    There are so many posts were people seems to have problems with a game we all have paid (it isn't free, isn't it ?), alone facing the bug ... it is not serious.
    I think that even if I see the EP3 coming out for EU players, I will wait until I see some answers or more infos about these bugs.
    Don't want to loose time and money...

    Good luck guys.
  • Still no help? Come on Telltale, this is an unacceptable business practice, you must acknowledge that at least...
  • So. This issue still hasn't even been publically awknoladged by Telltale, and we've even seen another episode launch. Is there any word on when, or even if, this will be addressed?

    The game itself is excellent, but this is awful customer service...
  • Oh Telltale has known about this for three months, not one. Well done guys, it only took you a few hours to fix the whole episode 2 not working at all on PS3. What's the big problem here?
  • i just bought the game from steam finished the 1st one watched the credits i go the my save slot press play now....
    on the 1st episode it says continue
    so i press continue it then takes me to the second episode where it says play i click play and it says generate story decisions for skipped episodes i have not skipped any episodes so i press no so i got back to episode one it still says continue i click it it takes me to episode 2 and the same thing happens when i click play it asks me to generate decisions for skipped episodes is this meant to happen ?
    if its not i only have one pref file and thats in my documents/TellTale/TWD no idea what to do
  • Having the same issue on PS Vita. This is really annoying and terrible Telltale seem to have ignored it.

    Not only that but on Vita the game plays terribly and does not seem optimised for the device at all. Tbh I would like a refund as this is not working as advertised.

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