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Question about Christa and Omid

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Hey there,

while thinking about the game again there was one thing that's still odd: Most people (including me) say that the shadows at the end of the game are Christa and Omid. I was wondering: What happens if you help Christa to get on the train in Episode 3? Isn't Omid dying in that case? Are there still two shadows when that happens or does something magical happen so that he survives as well?
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  • Omid still manages to get on, despite having a messed up leg.
  • its not 100% the shadows are them, omid and christa could have died on their way to the train.
  • I think the ending is meant to be ambigious not necessarily to tie into season two, but to leave the ending up to interpretation. Either its Christa and Omid who find Clem and raise her as their own, or its not and Clem has to go it alone. Either way, wouldnt suprise me if we never continue that story. Its just how it ends.
  • As I recall the guy-looking shadow is taller than the other shadow. Omid was shorter than Christa. But then again Christa could look kind of like a man in the distance with her hair tied up and what not...

    Anyone have the picture of the shadows?
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