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Here we go...again...and again...and again

posted by kingmartykim on - last edited - Viewed by 291 users
Ok...first was Carley...with her; surviving and grazing the bullet and how she would come back...etc. We know how many threads of that we got to read to the point it was irritating.

Then it was Lee's bite....that it wasn't a bite and that he would not turn, etc. Graze or bite, coming from a zombie at the end would be the same fate for Lee( most of us knew that ) but then again people coming out with all different kind of theories saying that the bite would not be effective or had a cure...etc was annoying.

Now saying that Lee might not have died or turned in the last episode....-_- really bro? really?

Life goes on...we all move on. Please let's move on and accept what happened, happened.
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