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Makes me play motel scene over and over

posted by RDPwnedYou on - last edited - Viewed by 618 users
Hey there ive been having a problem with completing episode 1. i finish it then let the credits roll and when i press play on episode 2 it either makes me play the end motel scene again and see the credits and i press play ep 2 and it still makes me play the motel scene again or it resets to the very start of the game. i tried pressing play ep 3 but it resets to ep 1 start. yesterday i played half ep 2 and i went to finish ep 2 last night but it reset me to episode 1's begining. ive deleted every episode and redownloaded them and deleted my saves and redone ep 1 for the 4th time but still resets me to end motel scene in ep 1. i frickin love the game but it reset me ep 4 to ep 1 and im waiting to get ep 5 but if i buy it i wont be able to play it :[ please help. i have to play every episode again but i cant get off the end motel scene. Thanks ;]
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