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Who do you want to play as in Season 2?

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Personally, I loved being the father figure and would find it weird as Clem. Not sure myself, so how about you?
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  • Telltale apparently knows how to write good characters to which we can attach and relate to, and I don't really know why we would need to play as one from the old gang (all whom, except for Clem are newcomers).

    Look at it this way: its the zombie apocalypse. There's bound to be tons of people trying to survive one way or another, each with his/her own story to tell or explore. And this wouldn't necessary be in Georgia (yes, I know the comic is tied there, but why not break out of that framing?) or even the US - a different location would present new challenges and a different point of view, from some frozen forrest in northern Canada to the deserts of Sahara.

    That said, for the actual protagonist, I would like to see a character creation - gender, race and so on, but for best effect, with a 'locked' name. Someone from TTG said it would be intriguing but not feasible since they put so much emphasis on who the characters are. I call BS on that - any change in a character's look is easily done by decals. People adressing the character as a neutrum, or if necessary, double lines can be recorded. It has been done before, it can be done again.

    Exactly how the character ends up in the apocalypse doesn't matter. What matters is that we can get some kind of closure, and that there is some kind of goal that can be accomplished. I understand that the comic is basically just a long run from the zombies, but does it need to be like that? What if there is a 'cure', or an actual safe place somewhere where the protagonist and his/her group can go and seek refuge?
    Yes, the journey counts, but so does the destination.

    In short, I would prefer a new protagonist. period.
  • Well since this season it was a guy, I would like to play a woman next, preferably Clementine.
  • I wish Lee could somehow be still alive and normal too..
    For example: They can turn back the time to the point where Clem had to shoot/leave him. What if Lee's "infection".. let's say, was a "flu" which is gone after some time. So Lee can go to find Clem again and take care of her :)
    I trully love Lee and i love the relationship they made. If there's supposed to be Clem's "Guardian" it has to be Lee.
    Lee seems like that type which would "Protect her even in death"
  • A new male protagonist.
  • i hope that clem didnt kill Lee and shot in the wall. Or maybe Molly will come back, but i hope kenny could save himself.
    but i think the 2 people on the mountain aren't crista and omid, i think these are zombies or kenny and molly or Lilly, i mean we didnt saw her dead.

    maybe the game will confuse with series and they'll meet rick.
    Finally i dont want a new cast.

    and sorry for my bad english, i am german ;)
  • I doubt it's Lilly she's on her way to Woodsbury by now, or has already made it. Maybe Kenny? Maybe Molly? Maybe Christa and Omid? What about the new protagonist(s)?

    Hmm...We'll have to see.

  • Omid, Christa, Clementine, either of them would do. I'm sort of hoping it's Christa though, Omid seems too... defined to be a PC.
  • Christa's pregnant, so it would be dumb to play as her cause it would be logical to make her a by-stander in most of risky maneuvers. I don't like Omid very much... older characters we lost touch with early on - nah... maybe Lilly, Kenny for sure if he survived. So two choices for me - play as Kenny if he survived and found Omid, Christa and Clem (alternative would be if Kenny died - play as Lilly - make her stumble upon Omid, Christa and Clem... that would be interesting cause only Clem would know what Lilly did)... or a brand new cast... but I don't wanna separate from Clem somehow.
    Clem would be a bad choice, she's only 9 and she wouldn't be included in much planning or anything really.

    P.S. Oh, how did I forget! Molly, maybe?
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