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If you wrote Season 2...

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What would you do? Who will be the new protagonist, what will be the location etc. Here is my humble idea.

I can't think of a good protagonist yet, since it all depends on the VO.
So whoever you are, you will start in Crawford. Yes Crawford. Not ZA day 1 but something simply to create an origin story for the character(Maybe a small backstory reference with a member of your new group and the ladder at the hospital, hence the blood and spilled paint). We get to meet C. Oberson(possible antagonist for the first episode), Anna Correa, Molly, her sister and even Clem's parents could make a cameo in this. After the fall of Crawford you go into the walker infested world with little to no killing experience(but you know that everyone is infected) and then you meet up with Clem, Christa and Omid. Then TTG could make a new interesting story. I unfortunately am not into writing that much. Only if I am in the mood.
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