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Is this racist?

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Is it racist to wish that the season 2 protagonist will be another minority?

I mean, with Lee, the game broke so many unfortunate traditions in gaming. And with the Walking Dead in general. After that travesty that was T-Dog's character, I was glad to have Lee. But now that he's gone, I fear TellTale will go the typical cut and paste brown-haired white male route.

I know it shouldn't matter, but on a certain level, it does. Especially when it comes to video games and the representation of diversity. I mean, majority of video game protagonists look like this:


We have enough Nathan Drakes. Your thoughts?
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  • Doctanian;732819 said:
    ... Lol, the funny thing is, the Asian version made bigger breasts in the artwork.
    It's not only the breast, compare the eyes and facial features. The western world gets the typical badass asian, while the eastern (asian) world gets a westernized juvenile version. :D

    Show well, sell well... ;)
  • I haven't even played that game, and I knew which one was the Japanese art before I even read the text. lol
  • voodoohandbag;732836 said:
    I'm with everybody else asking, what privilege? And maybe people here do need to think wider than the USA, because I don't know anybody that cares about race here.

    However, women all over the world are still fighting for equal rights to men, even in developed countries.

    Way I see it, maybe non-white people feel race is an issue, same as how I'm more concerned about female representation.
    Colour-blindedness is an issue. I don't expect everybody to understand privilege.

    But Walking Dead has always been diverse, the novels had a black protagonist named Josh Lee Hamilton. The comics, and the TV show too. Though in the TV show there is a running joke of how "There can be only one." black man, after T-Dog gets written out and replaced by the black prisoner.
  • Tyrant;732847 said:
    Colour-blindedness is an issue. I don't expect everybody to understand privilege.

    Well I feel like an idiot now - I think I misunderstood where he was going with that.
  • Tyrant;732828 said:
    I didn't notice Lee was black until it showed pictures of his family.

    I just at first thought he was racially ambiguous for some reason. Not sure why Lee is so lightskinned but the rest of his family is darker.
    Really? He's fairly darkskinned to me. It might be the graphic art-like visuals.
  • Holy shit. I just realized Lilly's boyfriend in the comics/novel is black.
  • Out of all the criteria, I think the most common type of person is the brown haired white male, so people think of it as the average human. The unracist thing would be to not care. So I won't call you a racist but the idea is... a little.
  • MsLox;732785 said:
    This. OP, what you call "cherrypicking" is actually using real facts and quotes instead of randomly spouting some 'pity me' arguments.

    Lol, that's still cherrypicking. You picked one quote to make it seem as if all I cared about was skin color, when in the original post I mentioned culture. And the quote in context was a response to someone else. Your logical fallacies kill me.
  • Tyrant;732847 said:
    Colour-blindedness is an issue. I don't expect everybody to understand privilege.
    How is colour-blindness an issue? Shouldn't that be the way it is?

    And sure, in the west, we are more privileged than developing countries. And sure, some people are racist. Some people are sexist, some are just assholes.

    And I definitely understand what it's like to lack privilege in our culture, but that's more to do with being very working class, and possibly my gender. As I said in my previous post, maybe people find it easier to see the problems they are directly affected by? It's kind of unfair to bring up this concept of 'privilege' and not explain yourself :P

    Oh, and I'm not American, for the record. Maybe that's why I don't understand? Kinda like how I don't understand why religion is such a big deal there...
  • 8Bit_System;732814 said:
    I do have to totally disagree on this. Over here in Europe we are really mixed, which is a good thing in my opinion, but still, changing style of clothes, cars, blabla, doesn't change your culture. For me playing a Serbian character is a totally different feeling than playing a German, British, French, or even a North American one.

    It is a totally different way of thinking, and that's not meant in a bad way, but it is a fact. These countries have totally different ways of thinking.
    I didn't say it changed Niko's culture, but I never got to experience much of it as a player. It was typical Grand Theft Auto with hints of Eastern European.
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