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What do you want resolved most of all in Season 2?

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Season 1 left us with some unresolved issues...

- Clem's fate
- Omid and Christa's fate
- The cancer-survivor's fate
- Molly's fate
- Lilly's fate
- Kenny's fate (though it's a pretty easy guess what happened)
- The Save-Lots bandits

Should these be left unresolved or should they be addressed?

Personally, I think the biggest issue is Omid and Christa.
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  • Who still cares about Lilly? She was a witch! She deserved to die and the comics will tell you her fate.
  • Sure, I'd like to know what happened to everybody, but I'd be just as happy if we never find out, and season 2 is a new cast.

    I think Clem, Omid and Christa are the most important, though.

    I'd kinda like to see Vernon again, just to punch him for stealing the damn boat.
  • I kinda like that its open ended. To me it was Lee's story and how he protected Clem until his last breath.

    I hope season 2 is a new group with no real ties to season 1. Maybe an appearance by Clem near the end.
  • The Save-Lot Bandits weren't really an open ended plot point in my opinion; most of them were wiped out in the motel raid and the others would most likely just move on or die of starvation since there were no more groups to steal from. Bandits will always exist in the Walking Dead, but this particular group seems finished to me.

    Lilly should also be done in terms of the game's canon as the rest of her story is told in the Walking Dead Comic. As much as I loved Kenny, him surviving would be incredibly lame and unrealistic, even by gaming standards, but I'll miss him. Clem, Christa, and Omid's fate will probably all be connected so they are, by the far, the ones I want to know what will ultimately happen to them. I maintain my belief though that was Christa and Omid in the end and reunited with Clem.
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    Where's poll ?
  • Too many questions i doubt season 2 will have be able to answer them all.
    also it would kinda suck if all season 2 did was have cameos of season 1 characters.

    What i hope for and care about is Clem, then Omid and Christa.
  • Clem, Omid and Christa.
    I think this should be based around keeping Clem alive. The last of the games they do should break our heart.
    Fact is if theres no Clem the post credits was pointless.
  • Doesn't Lilys story continue in the comics?
  • I don't want Season 2 to do anything with Season 1. Not, at, all.
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