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The Walking Dead absolute frustration

posted by drelostams on - last edited - Viewed by 392 users
I doubt I will get a response to this but your game is unplayable. It freezes, does not save my choices, I can't find a solution on your site. I am frustrated with this game and telltale. I would like a refund, is this possible?
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  • If you play this game on an iPod touch 4 or lower it will be freeze a lot because the device has low RAM memory (iPhone 4 and up is suitable and so are iPads). If you play this game on an old computer it will also freeze a lot. It's nothing to do with game, it is what you play it on and I think you made a mistake.
  • dumb answer its not becuase of an old computer. Telltale has had problems with every episode and this seems to be the worse. I'd like a refund as well
  • well, i finished all 5 episodes without a problem. everything went smoothly.
  • reinstall it perhaps. If not it might be something conflicting with it, playing on a PC can have a lot of things interferring with a particular program. Like anti-virus programs, firewall's etc...
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