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Lee Everett's Role in TWD

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After the end of episode 4 and all throughout episode 5 to after the credits, it seems that Lee's role in the story isn't what it originally seemed to be prior to that point. Lee and Clementine are the main characters, but Lee, being the playable character, seemed to be the MAIN character. However. These last two episodes proved otherwise, showing that Clementine is indeed the true main character, which puts Lee in an interesting position in terms of story telling. Instead of playing as the true main character of the story, we play as the guardian, the character who would ultimately make Clementine who she will become after season one. There is a season two confirmed, but it is highly unlikely that it will end there, as so much could happen in Clem's story, paired with the actual success of the game. I just find it interesting that we play as the "enabler" per se, the character who would influence Clementine, molding her into the person she would inevitably become as she grows older. Lee is gone, and he left his mark on Clem, as evidenced all the way until the very end where, just before Lee dies, you have a choice of a last piece of advice to give her, which the game says "she will remember". I told her to keep her hair short, as an example, therefore, I'm assuming that through season two and forward, I will have a short haired Clem because Lee's advice stuck with her, etc. I apologize for this long post, I just thought that Lee's position in the story is such an interesting one, as he, in retrospect, is such a small part of a potentially huge story.

Anyway, thank you Telltale for creating this masterpiece of a game, I've never felt such emotion towards characters and situations in any other video game, or any other medium for that matter. I cried at those last few minutes, as I'm sure 95% of others have. This is my pick for game of the year without a doubt, and one of my favorite games, and stories, of all time.
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