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[TWD] - Reset on Episode 1? Do this to recover your progess!

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Hello all,

As you are probably aware, there has been as issue where people have lost their progress and been reset on episode 1 when trying to load a save. This has also happened to me (several times), but I have discovered a way to recover (most) of one's lost progress.

I'll use my situation as an example. I was using slot 1 and was in the middle of episode 3; I quit to the main menu, then exited the game from there, just as Telltale suggests. The next time I started the game and tried to continue my progress, the game restarted me on episode 1.

After a bit of research, I made an educated guess that perhaps my blank third slot was the issue (I had saves in slots 1 and 2). So, I copied my slot 1 save (which was now reset and read "Episode 1") into slot 3. Then, I tried playing my save (using slot 1), loaded episode 3, and BAM -- it worked. The game loaded episode 3 with all my choices from episodes 1 and 2 intact. Now, keep in mind, doing this will not recover progress for whatever episode you were on -- in my case, episode 3 -- but will keep you from having to replay previous episodes.

Hope this helps; if you try this, please post here to let me (and Telltale) know if this does/does not work.
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  • It worked for me thanks for the help :D
  • THIS WORKED!!! Copy your main save slot into the third slot and you will regain your progress!

    FYI It won't look like it worked until you actually access the save slot and choose episode 4. Until you do that it will still look like Episode 1 revert.
  • I'm bumping this so that people who seem to be unable to use the scroll wheel on their mouse can see it.
  • This happened to me just after downloading and starting Episode 5. Suddenly I was right back at the start of Episode 1 with a gamesave to match. Felt physically sick. So I came on here and found this advice. I'm now able to get going on Episode 5 but it seems not all my choices have carried over. I ended Episode 4 with the whole group with me (I even took Ben!) but starting Episode 5 I only seem to have Kenny, Christa and Omid now. Pretty disappointed but it seems like the best I'm going to get so I'd better get on with it.

    Hold on Clementine, I'm coming for you.
  • So after posting the above I've now finished Episode 5, with a backstory which clearly did not fit the choices I made in the previous episodes. What should have been the climax of one of the most emotive gaming adventures in years was instead a hollow and bitter experience. The entire game, the entire point of the whole endeavour, utterly ruined. I assume the ending sets up Season 2, but I won't be seeing any more because I've bought my last Telltale game.
  • I tried this fix several times and it didnt work... No matter what episode I try to load it puts me back to the start of episode 1.. I can't help but feel ripped off after enjoying the demo and purchasing all of the episodes. I'm actually shocked that microsoft would approve such a sub par product for their online marketplace. I hope Tell tale fixes these issues promptly as they are surely recieving funds from selling a clearly broken game. Fix it or start issuing refunds.
  • After restarting from the beginning the glitch happened again so I tried this fix again and for some reason this time it worked.. The next time it happened though I had to load slot 3 after copying to get the next episode to load.. so from jumping back and forth between slots 1 and 3 I was able to get through all 5 episodes somehow.. It's really a shame the save system in this game is so incredibly screwed because Tell tale really put together a nice piece of art here in my opinion.
  • This, along with the other suggestion did not work for me. I'm very sad. :confused:
  • Problem: I started episode 4 for the first time a couple of days ago, after having downloaded both episodes 4 and 5, and the recap of episode 3 froze before it finished. I had to hard reset my 360, and upon trying to play again, I was immediately tossed back to the very beginning of episode 1. Obviously, as many have noted, this new beginning saved over top of the progress through all other episodes. The achievements remained.

    Fix: I referred to this thread for a fix involving moving the save file from slot 1 to slot 3. Loading the copied file allowed me to choose from the episodes list. Awesome, shows that I had completed up through episode 3 just like it should. The recap plays through entirely this time, with all choices apparently intact, but one inaccuracy involving Duck. Hopefully, this didn't matter too much. After reading some other comments about total randomness with the reload, I feel pretty lucky. Hopefully, for the sake of other gamers experiencing this bug, the patch that downloaded (prior to the bug strangely enough) was a fix for a lot of the complaints.
  • This worked for me also.
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