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Vernon... What the fuck?

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Something I never understood in Episode 5 is how's Vernon's group stole the boat.

As far as I know, they didn't have any car to move it. And I'm sure they couldn't move it with their own bare hands.

Something I love about him that he thought getting a boat and go to the sea wasn't a good idea, but he stole it anyway. I mean, I understand wanting to getting out of Savannah, but screwing Lee and everybody up, is too much hypocrisy.
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  • Doctanian;732034 said:
    Granted, I'm assuming they didn't have many weapons. My main reason for that is Brie or any of the others didn't reach for any other weapons. Even when Lee let his guard down (if you threaten them).

    Also, I didn't see Brie or Vernon with any weapons at the Crawford raid.

    So yeah, I'm still calling bullshit.
    Yeah, that's true... It would be pretty stupid not to bring any guns to the raid if you had them... I feel like they must've still had some kind of stash somewhere. Because if you leave Kenny there with the boat and they came unarmed or with just one or two guns Kenny would've been on that "fucker in about 2 seconds". He ran at the St. Johns brother when he had a rifle pointed at him. You'd have a better chance running at an old cancer victim with a revolver.

    Kenny waving the white flag when perhaps his only ticket to survival is about to be stolen by some old folks? Yeah, right...

    Even if he had bruises when you find him I think he would've fought to his death.
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    But as I know boat was on a car!!!!! :confused::confused:
    Wasn't it ?
  • I thought the boat was on a trailer.

    For me I left Ben with the boat so it made sense to me to him getting it taken from him. I don't think it's so much poor writing, it's a poor option to allow more than 1 person to say behind to guard the boat.

    You should leave 1 or zero people and have the boat taken. Otherwise it gets odd story-wise, but if you don't let people have the choice it's a limiting factor.

    However because no one saw Vernon and his group with guns didn't mean they couldn't acquire them as they were planning to take the boat. Vernon could have been working with Lee for the sole purpose of doing something like that. After Crawford was found to have fallen perhaps that left the a power gap of sorts and let Vernon do what he had always hoped he could. Get armed and get the hell out of dodge.

    Crawford was the only thing originally keeping them all pinned down in there safe area after all.
  • How the boat was stolen. They came and pretended to be friendly. One quick pistol whip or blow to the back of the head. Take one of the working cars from where you got the oil. (there where was a working car remember and you only stole one battery?) Then just simply drive off and laugh at you.

    Even if you left everyone alive (including ben) and left them alone... Then ben would have messed things up or just simply given them the boat. As for the two couple... be nice have a chat as you check the leg's condition. Drop a sleeping pile or hit them on the back of their heads like Kenny.
  • Luizao876;731432 said:

    As far as I know, they didn't have any car to move it.

    That says it all.
  • For all we know, Molly probably knew that Vernon's planning of stealing the boat... She could've easily exchanged the battery with a broken one.
  • Another thing that confuses the hell out of me is Molly's change of heart?

    She desperately wanted a spot on the boat that she held onto the battery a little while because she thought I'd run off without her?

    All of a sudden, she wanted to Lone Wolf it?
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    K0t0 BANNED
    In episode 4 it was clear they meant for him to take the train.

    They clearly changed it and it makes no sense
  • Do you picture Vernon beating the group up? If two or more people got left at the house, they could ram the doors of that crappy shed.

    Plus, Vernon proposed Lee to keep Clementine and even if you agree, like I did, he leaves and is mad at you for “losing” Clementine?
  • Yeah, this didn't seem possible. I kept doubting myself through the first half of episode 5 that Vernon stole the boat. Didn't seem like he'd be the type of person to do so. Oh well.
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