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Total Walker Kill Count

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If you're anything like me, you like to know the hard numbers in a ZA game. How many bullets do you have? How much food? And most importantly, how many Walkers have you actually killed? Did you make enough of a dent to do your part in clearing the world of the undead? I played through the game again and kept a record of every Walker kill I made as Lee Everett. This is a conservative count, because I only included instances where I dealt the finishing blow and was sure I destroyed the brain. Your counts may vary slightly depending on your playthroughs.

- 6 walker kills
- Notes: I didn't include the 2 fire axe kills because one was a beheading, which doesn't destroy the brain. The other kill was a slash offscreen, so I can't be sure I destroyed the brain. I also didn't include the pillow walker because Carley actually did the kill.

- 1 walker kill
- Notes: By far the episode with the least walker kills. The only kill was the one in the forest at the very beginning.

- 14 walker kills
- Notes: I didn't include the pilot walker, because even though it stopped moving when shoved against the steel bar, it didn't go through the brain. Also, Duck doesn't count because he wasn't dead yet nor a walker.

- 32 walker kills
- Notes: By far the episode with the greatest walker kills. I might have forgotten one in the beginning shootout, so I didn't include it to keep the estimate conservative. I also didnt include the TV walker because I didn't shove the TV on it, it fell on its own. Lastly, there was one walker kill I didn't control (the first shotgun blast). I didn't include that because I didn't control it.

- 14 walker kills
- Notes: There was one walker kill in a cutscene (the walker in the street by the backyard). I didn't include that one since I didn't control it. I also kept out a couple questionable kills in the final push with the cleaver. There were a couple where I seemed to slash through the neck, which pushed them over. Since I couldn't confirm it destroyed the brain, I kept them out.

So in total, I had a combined total of 67 controlled kills, plus 2 more during cutscenes or that I didn't actually control. Not a bad total for a single person. I think Lee made a sizeable dent.
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