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How much will you miss ****?

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I think I will miss him greatly. I felt as if I was him at the end and a part of me died along with him. He was one of my favorite characters in a game recently and I am really disappointed I won't be being him in the next season.

How about you guys?
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  • Yeah, Lee was fantastic.

    Even if Clem is in the next season and gets to be part of the crew in some way, I am going to miss the relationship between them so much.

    Also, I just have so many favourite Lee moments.
  • I really liked Lee, he was a relatable, kind, all round nice guy and a great protagonist. At least he died like a badass and found redemption in Clem.
  • I already miss him but the game creators will miss him even more, I guess. It won't be easy to replace him. I hope they take the time they need for the next season of the game. I really want to play it but I prefer to wait a little longer and get something really good than to get a new game right away with some idiot as the main character and some rushed story behind. After what they did, some people may even have some high expectations for next season. I would prefer more action and less talk ( a non-english speaker it would be nice :D) and that would help forgetting Lee a bit. I don't think it will be easy to come up with a new story and create a relation such as Lee-Clementine and even with some others so easily as in this season. We must also have in mind that if the story begins after this one, the world will be a worst place, the people will trust less each other and relations will be harder to build on (it doesn't have to be; could be a different story with other characters the day the plague started to expand). Neverthless I think a bit more action would disguise a bit the emotional part, which I doubt it can be as strong as this first season.

    Oh..and Lee is one of my favourite game characters ever, no doubt.
  • Web Head;730825 said:

    i miss you lee a fucking lot, a motherfucking lot, i fucking love you lee! You are my favourite character! I fucking love you lee!!!!

    I love you, Lee.
  • That's what I was going to say ^^^^^
  • I'll always miss Lee. But more than that, I'll miss the relationship between Clementine and Lee. The cute little moments they shared together made everything so much more interesting and emotional. Their final moments together are among the saddest I've ever experienced. I really don't know how I can go on to Season 2 without Lee and Clementine together.

    R.I.P. Lee Everett.
  • Awesome character! Hoping we will see some flashbacks of him in season 2!
  • I'll miss him. Later Lee. :(
  • I think it was great to play as Lee. I really enjoyed his combination of toughness and humor, and I'll miss him. Telltale proved they had strong writing where the characters are concerned. I'm confident that they'll bring more fun, interesting characters in season 2, and people will get attached to them too.
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    I edited the title of your post because people still can see thread titles even though they don't visit The Walking Dead spoilers section. Remember, there are still people out there who are waiting for the retail release to play the game. Thank you.

    To answer your question though, Lee was one of my favorite video game characters. Like Manny Calavera before him, I'm definitely sad to see him go, but I'm very happy that his story was wrapped up so well. :)
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