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Common Sentences Used in Games & Movies

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Hi, as some of you know my English is broken and I'm trying to improve it
In my last thread ("Help me to learn English like a native") some good people helped me to learn some sentences that was unknown for me

That thread was useful for me and I'm going to continue it, But for now I would to create a new thread with a new purpose!,

I'm here to ask you about putting those sentences and dialogs that used most in Games and Movies, I don't want a long list! I just want everyone that comes here just put few of them! I mean common sentences

Sentences like I used to, piece of cake, I'm in a hurry, and more sentences and dialogs like these

I feel my English is a lot better than first time when I came here (Telltale's Forums)
I know my English is still awful :D But I'm a self taught and I'll try for better results

Thank you
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