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The Game Review Thread

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Hey everyone, This is a thread where anyone can make game reviews. It can just be written on a post in this thread or it can be on a blog or it can be a video on Youtube. Anyway have fun :)
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  • What were the different universes in the game? Also does it have online Co-Op and Multiplayer?
  • The different universes were:

    - One where Frat Boys rule the world (or street, since that's all you get to play)
    - One where the Amish rule due to Oil running out and them surviving without it
    - One where the Disabled were given so many perks they were able to take over

    ...and more. I gather there's one full of chickens and one in space, but I haven't gotten that far yet (and nor do I suspect I ever will, thanks to being bored of it already).

    I don't personally know about online co-op, but it does have a co-op feature (that I never used) and multiplayer (which I never tried). From what I read on the interwebs, I gather neither are online, which is a frankly stupid idea and the designers should be shot for it. In the crotch. Repeatedly.

    And I forgot to mention the terrible conversion to PC, which offers some frankly insulting resolution settings. There's like five, maybe six resolution options. No widescreen, nothing. And the graphics are terrible. This is a bad game. Stay away.
  • I have to admit, PS All-Stars is loads of fun. From what your making it sound like Darth i should be glad i got All-Stars :D
  • Level 4 is the 'evil' world. Because, y'know, that's creative.

    And if you were seriously thinking about getting this over PASBR, consider yourself lucky you went with that one.
  • While i am a fan of Family Guy i was still going to get PS All-Stars first and anyway It's loads of fun in my opinion. Ratchet & Jak kick ass :D
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I just played through every character's story (and each ending) in The Cave a few days ago. It was excellent. Maniac Mansion was the start of my obsession with adventure games, and this game was so much like that game in many ways. The platform game elements were well done too (but shouldn't be a problem for most people who don't like action games, since the jumps aren't challenging and you can't die in The Cave).

    Here's my full review on my blog. If you don't mind a single item inventory and direct control with platforming elements, and the fact that, like Maniac Mansion, this game is about the puzzles more than the story (although the story and humor that is there is excellent, albeit dark comedy) I highly recommend it. 4½ out of 5
  • Just finished Sonic Adventure 2 HD for PC. The game is really fun, the Chao garden is really cool, and the bosses are very interesting. King Boom Boo or whatever his name is, and Biolizard were a pain to beat, though. I'd give this game 8/10 because of some camera issues and some frustrating levels (Pumpkin Hill, Final Chase). I recommend this.
  • Thought I'd drop a post here too. After beating Colonial Marines on Steam, I can say from my own personal experience, I had had no AI issues with the enemies. They didn't do anything stupid(except the Boilers, but you only see them for 10min and I'd rather forget them anyway). My own team? Well, once they said they were backing me up...and didn't do shit. Another time, one of my men just stood there while I was being killed. Only two instances that really pissed me off, so all in all, it wasn't horrible.

    Now, the graphics. Ah yes, I'll come right out and say it. Yes, they do look dated. Maybe 5 years ago. This wasn't a big issue with me. Graphics have looked great, in my opinion, for the past decade anyway. I've heard a lot of complaints about texture issues and drops, but everything looked and ran fine for me. Either that's a console issue or people's GPUs are garbage. The graphics themselves may not be pushing any boundaries, but there is a lot of running around and sudden changes.

    Story... Um yeah. It is a bit of a mess. Shoot shit! There is a little itsy tiny miniscule GIANT retcon involving Alien3 though. If you're a huge fan of that film(either version), and I know you're not because we had this conversation and it was myself and one or two others defending the assembly cut versus the world... you may not want to know. Massive fan service for die hard Aliens fans though. The game is oozing with it. So yeah, forget the story, just grab your M41A and shoot the hell out of everything.

    A rating? Well, whether it was the release day update, the PC version or just my own luck, I really don't see how or why this game is getting scores of 2-5 on average. It's just mediocre...everything is just so damn mediocre. The fanboy in me wants a 7, but honestly, I'd say it's a 6/10. So much missed potential with... everything. I didn't mind it and I will probably replay it a few more times. It just could have been so much better in many ways.

    Whoa whoa whoa. I played the console version. THAT'S where the problems are. Graphics, AI, everything mentioned on review sites. Now I see this as a 4-5. This is not cool. Stick with PC for the campaign.
  • Started playing Deponia, and thought I'd give my first impression.

    Now this is my kind of game. :)

    It's funny, lighthearted, and doesn't take itself too seriously.

    A few problems noticed though. The inflection of certain words in spoken dialogue isn't right for the context of conversation ("well, you are" instead of "well, you are"). The names for some things also doesn't seem right. There's a comfy chair in Rufus' living room that that game calls a "sofa" (a sofa seats 2 or more, while this chair is at best 1.5 people wide), and he has what is very clearly a jar of oil which the game calls a "can" (a jar is glass/plastic with a resealable lid, a can is metal).
  • I just marked Need for Speed:Undercover as "null" on my Backloggery. Therefore I am neither currently playing it nor will I ever beat it. I bought it and NFS:Hot Pursuit when they were on a ridiculous sale on Steam, but Undercover is WAY too easy and not nearly as good a game as either of the racing games I have on PS3 (Burnout Paradise and Midnight Club:LA).
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