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Who cried during the finale?

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Admitting tears is no shame:(
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  • cried during the scene where Katja and Duck died by the railroad tracks.

    Cried when Lee died.
  • I don´t understand the people who say "you are a pussy" or "you are a homo" because you cryed... assholes.

    I cryed too... and it´s hard as hell to cry for me.
  • stevean2;733232 said:
    So who else cried as much as pewdiepie?
    I cried at the exact same moments as pewdiepie :(
  • I didn't. I liked the season on a whole but I didn't cry.
    I was emotionally struck by the final scene between Lee and Clem, because it was well executed, but... I didn't shed real tears.
    As for Kenny, at that point death had become such a routine thing in The Walking Dead universe that I just watched his sacrifice with a: "There goes another one." I think The Walking Dead is more... depressing than moving. :(
  • Of course I cried. Why would I be ashamed to admit it? Hormones!

    What I've noticed, though - and I'm aware this might sound stupid - the game has had a more profound effect on me long-term. I'm strangely proud of all the choices I made, so it reminded me that I am a good person. And it was easy for me to project myself on to Lee, as I also have a child that I am training to be a strong adult (that's what parenthood is all about) and that I would willingly die to protect.
  • I didn't cry like he did over Ben... because I gladly let his coward ass fall down the bell tower... but the ending... yeah... I didn't *wail* like he did... but I pretty much cried like a little girl when playing it... and again when watching Pewdiepie playing through it... and it still upsets me now (though obv not to the point of tears, 'cause that'd be weird).
  • I did not believe it that I was crying...but...but..I was.U know because it's a game and at least fo now is not on true story but Telltale Games showed that it is not just a game.
    E5 make 75 % of players crying.Thanks Telltale Games for Thanks The Walking Dead.
    And...I have an offer for you guys...Watch the TV series too but I love the game more.
  • I cried and had to force myself not to mewl like an infant. Good job Telltale.
  • I didn't cry, but I did wind down by listening to some choice music directly afterward.
  • Hello all. I just want to share this experience with you. In the end of episode 5 i literally cried. My keyboard and chair were soaked wet from tears. I know it's just a game. But i can say that this is the best game i've ever played in my life, and 8 years of active gaming. I don't know if there will be ever this kind of game. I experienced fear, shock, panic, laughter, sadness, hapiness, disgust, heroism and more in only one game. I underestimated you Telltale Games, because i thought you can't make such a great game. Thank you for this game Telltale Games. Thank you, and keep up the good work!
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