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Lilly - Why do people still care?

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Lilly was left on the side of the road or ran away in the RV. Either way she shot Carley or Doug out of cold blood.


1) Why do people still like her?

2) Why do people think she will come bak even though that isn't cannon to the comics?
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  • Doctanian;733721 said:
    Isn't the novel canon to the comics? It's supposed to explain Lilly's back story which isn't explained in the comics or the games.

    So either the game, written by TellTale is canon or the novels, written by the series creator is canon.

    Ugh, I hate it when series become cash cow franchises. It wrecks continuity.
    As far as I know it's just based on the novel, not cannon but I don't know.
  • I just felt bad for her. She was under a massive amount of stress, trying to make the right decisions and being second-guessed at every turn. There was the added complication of having her only remaining family being a constant irritant on everyone else, so she's forever in the middle trying to referee between Larry and the others. A lot of her decisions on big things were wrong, in my opinion (holing up in the motel over the winter with no supplies?) but she also had to organize things like the rationing which would have people hating her no matter what she did. Eventually she saw everyone just start flat-out ignoring her, or openly defying her leadership, and made a desperate stab at regaining control by escalating way over the line. It was a horrible thing to do, but (just as with Lee, who also killed someone in a moment of pain and anger) it doesn't make her irrevocably evil.
  • Okay...

    "People don't like me." *Shoots face of Carley/Doug*
  • well lilly is definitely not a popular character and her fans are definitely in the minority. I was definitely pissed when she shot Carley but she was losing it and if she was more sane at the time it would never have happened.

    I don't like her but it doesn't mean that she can't bring an interesting dynamic or interactions with the new cast in season 2. It could be interesting and bring some tense drama in the game.

    One thing's for sure, there's no way i'm letting the protagonist I play trust her lol
  • The novel and game are both canon to the comics. It's just that there are two different woman named Lilly. The Lilly in the game, and the Lilly in the comic/novel.
  • Both with the same last name and occupation? That's awfully strange.
  • They don't have the same occupation. They do have the same last name, but everything else is very different about them. I agree it's strange to have them have teh same exact name, but nothing else about them is the same.
  • Sorry, the walking dead wiki screwed me up.

    Edit: But once again none of this is said in the actual comics.
  • I hope they leave whether she is comic Lilly ambiguous. I like to think she is, and to me 'Road to Woodbury' doesn't exist. I really liked her character and was interesting seeing how she dealt with the fact my Lee and Kenny killed Larry. Really weird/cool to think that my actions could have caused her to do what she did in the comics. I hope she doesn't return, but not because she killed Carley (I do love to hate her about that though). Plus I don't think Clementine would accept her coming back after what she did.
  • Robert Kirkman trashed out a great female character for his lame novel. I don't particulary like her, but her novel version as a stupid and scared girl was awful compared to the survivalist in the game.
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