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Who do you want to play as in Season 2?

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Personally, I loved being the father figure and would find it weird as Clem. Not sure myself, so how about you?
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  • A female protagonist would be great. I'd like to play as Clem--I want her story to continue, but another 'protect Clem' game would just make the new character feel like an imitation of Lee. Molly had a very "protagonist of another game" feeling to her, and her parkour skills would make for some interesting gameplay. Lilly would be another conflicted protagonist trying to live down her past. With Christa you'd have the added pressure of having her pregnancy to worry about.
  • You kind of have to be a new character because Christa and Omid already have a set personality and morals. Clementine is also too young. Playing as her means that we wouldn't be able to really protect ourselves and would have to have a guardian that makes decisions for us. Lee didn't have any of those and that is why we were able to kill people, lie, etc...
  • As much as I would love to see clem again, it just won't be the same without being lee. It's going to kill me not knowing whats happening to her or how she's doing, but i think that it's time to close the chapter on their journey. As for people wanting to be existing characters, it wouldn't work as they already have their own personalities and seeing as the game is about how you input your own personality onto lee, it just wouldn't make sense. the only character which you could slightly get away with becoming a PC would be Molly, as you saw so little of her, but with the movement style (crazy jumps with "Hilda") may not be suited to TWD's slow pace which really suits the game. So i guess i'd have to say that it's going to have to be a new cast, gonna be weird without lee and clem though and it's going to be interesting to see how they're going to replace these 2 if they decide to go with a new cast.
  • plaqueconspiracy;733675 said:
    New cast. Cross paths with Clem and the others.
    This^^ I would at least like the new cast to come across Kenny (I think he's still alive) or Omid-Christa-Clem.

    Kinda think that we may play as Kenny (if still alive) who is now alone.
  • Either Kenny(hopefully still alive) or Molly.
    Molly had an interesting personality and would be a great guardian for Clem.
    She could teach her parkour and ninja moves xD
  • new cast of survivors who find clem would work.
  • I want to play as either Christa or Omid. Come on, if we're Clem in season 2, will our choices REALLY matter to the group?
  • I hope for Lee cause after Clem shot him you could still hear him breathe! Well check out the just opened facebook group for Season 2 of Walking Dead!
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    Lilly, she's just as tough as Lee which makes it a no brainer for me, unless they bring a new cast.
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