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"Clementine will remember that" Spoilers

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The ending scene, some of the stuff you say to her makes the game let you know that she will remember this. Like after she kills the walker, You tell her you can take care of yourself, and when you tell her to find Omid and Christa by the train..

The question is when is she going to remember that exactly now that the game is over?

I think it's safe to say that she will be in the second season, and we might actually import our save files into the next.

So what to you guys think?
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  • A new character for us to mold.

    All of the existing characters are shackled by being previous NPCs.
  • DreadMagus;730735 said:
    A new character for us to mold.

    All of the existing characters are shackled by being previous NPCs.
    Yeah I agree, I think old characters will turn up though.
  • DreadMagus;730587 said:
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    On a less underground note, I think that Clem's knowledge now will effect certain events in Season 2 where she will play sort of the same role. It would be pretty intresting to see a character shaped soley on how they were treated by the last person you played.
  • I think we will get an entirely new person for season 2 as we already know and like/dislike Omid and Christa BUT Clem may well make a appearance in season 2 alive or dead depending on our choices and advice.

    Kinda OT but what I think would be cool is for ep 1 we find Omid and Christa and follow her trail, The end of the ep shows her either alive or dead. Just an idea. :D
  • HiggsBoson2142;730648 said:
    *Carley will remember that

    *Lilly shoots Carley
  • We had some other situations in game that it said:someone will remember that.
  • As another person said.

    *Carley will remember that.

    *Lilly kills Carley.

    It means nothing.
  • Well, I'd say she will be in Season2, but I don't want to play her and I don't want to play someone else taking care of her, since it would be odd, personally knowing all her history but the character I'm playing not.

    Also, after what she has been through, she is not the helpless little girl. Someone who has or has not shot her guardian in the face is not videogame princess to be rescued anymore.
  • What I have to say ? DO NOT DELETE YOUR SAVED GAMES ! Lmao
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