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What happens if u DONT ****?

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I choose to take the food in the car... and at end had the idiot guy abduct clem... but i was thinking what happens if u dont take the food?

Im guessing how nothing in the game changed due to the choices....
So if u didnt steal the food then what is the guys excuse for abducting clem?
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  • He says he didn't come after Lee for revenge if you left the food, but the more Clem told him about Lee he decided to take Lee out because he deemed Lee a horrible guardian and blamed him for putting Clem in danger so many times. He'll always find fault with you.
  • As you guessed nothing much else, he blabbers how he came for other members of the group, but his priorities change when he gets to see/hear our actions which are supposedly very evil and selfish, and he get on our asses instead of the people who led to his wife's and daughter's death (hilarious isn't it?)
  • cool thanks
    I choose to keep my arm and I started to play chapter 5 again to see the diff ending but then read the threads and seems to be nothing much is different

    i think the game was too quick to finish - and too easy

    not a traditional adventure game (like monkey island) which i would have preferred but i still enjoyed playing the game.... It made waiting for the next episode of the show go quicker!
  • Well, I guess they have to do it like this, but then again, it sucks.

    The guy tells me that I was a reckless bastard who looted his car (which is true) and thus killed his family. But if I hadn't looted his car, he'd still come after me. That is kinda disappointing.

    I don't want to get into this choices matter debate, but if my choice is different, they just make sure that it has no consequence because they change the character it affects.
  • There are a few games I've played in my life where the choices you make actually affect the ending.
    Maybe Mass Effect, and I can't remember others.
  • Kannibal;734138 said:
    There are a few games I've played in my life where the choices you make actually affect the ending.
    Maybe Mass Effect, and I can't remember others.
    Indigo Prophecy,Heavy Rain and Spec Ops the Line (to a little extent,atleast the ending)
  • I didn't take the stuff from the car because Clem didn't want me to. The biggest difference it seems to make is whether you want Clem to wear that red sweatshirt for the rest of the game or not.
  • Actually, the stranger was fairly nice to me. He got on my case about Lilly, but when I explained it was complicated he dropped the subject. I told him I was infected with the virus and was going to die and that he could take care of Lilly for me and he started feeling really sorry for me and apologetic.

    And then he voiced his happiness with his wife...'s severed head in a bowling bag and that was pretty much the end of that.
  • I think that guy didn't belong in the game. They want to have someone to remind you of your choices and what impact they had on others (fair enough).

    But then they introduced some sort of everyday super villain who went through great pains and risks only to confront you. That just doesn't happen.

    If you have to resort to such tricks trying to tell a story, you are doing something wrong.
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