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Who do you think will be the Protagonist?

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I think it will be Bigby or Jack
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  • I've only read what's in the first two Deluxe editions (Issues 1-18) so I'd lean towards Bigby, Snow and/or Prince Charming. If it's a mystery-style investigation, definitely the first two.
  • The great thing about Fables is that whenever they add a new character into it, you're immediately already interested because you're familiar with them. They don't have to be a long standing character to start out.

    I'm guessing they'll have a new Fable from some fairy-tale not yet in the comics as the protagonist. This would allow them to "own" a character, do whatever they like with him, and not interfere with the books' story. This could be anyone of course, but for the fun of speculating (and yes, I know a few of these are problematic with previous cameo appearances, but that can be worked around):

    Peter Pan
    Robin Hood
    King Arthur
    Wicked witch of the West
    Bone (still hoping they'll continue this series :-P )
  • It's a long shot, but what about a human? One who's working with the Fables.
  • valuka;474167 said:
    I want also a Prince Charming. I think that will be great for fable and then have a naive and stupid little princess for playing some ironic games with her like in RamaCity.
    I love Ramacity!
  • waroftheworlds01;456634 said:
    Is there a character in their that they focus on more? Or are they evenly talked about? If there's no major main character then I guess you'll switch between the ones they use.
    This is kind of interesting actually. If there is a character you'd call the main protagonist of Fables, it would definitely be Bigby. So they could probably just use him if they wanted to keep things simple. But there are also a lot of arcs where they move the spotlight away from Bigby. One of the things I really like about this series is how often they'll take a character who seems like kind of a weakling, like Flycatcher or Boy Blue, and turn them into a total badass. So I can definitely see the main character in the game being someone other than Bigby, or possibly even a different character in each episode.

    I can also see it being someone not yet featured in the comics--either a "mundy" who discovers Fabletown or an as-yet-unmentioned fable.
  • Andorxor;456077 said:
    I think it will be Bigby or Jack
    I say Bigby with a mystery to solve. Or maybe the cubs grown up.
  • relativistic;478364 said:
    This would allow them to "own" a character, do whatever they like with him, and not interfere with the books' story.
    Back when the Fables game was announced, if I recall correctly, Bill Willingham himself indicated that the game's story would actually be considered canon. So there actually IS room for Telltale's work to add to, change or interfere with the comic book universe.

    That doesn't mean they won't go with a new protagonist for all kinds of other good reasons, but for once it appears that Telltale's storytellers won't have to work so hard to stay out of the way.
  • I can see it as either Bigby or Snow White.
  • I know it's not possible, but I really want to see MacDuff again. I love the little critter, he's so cute!
  • Maybe to avoid messing with the comc's plotline, the game will take place sometime before the comic.
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