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TWD: Save file not advancing/saving choices

posted by JacobBobeldyk on - last edited - Viewed by 215 users
I downloaded the game earlier this week and beat the first 4 episodes problem free. After beating the forth episode, I launched the 5th episode where the game immediately crashed. After relaunching the game, it said I was at the last checkpoint. So i refinish episode 4. At launching episode 5, it changes who is with me. So I rewind and refinish episode 4, but it still thinks I haven't beat it. What do I do?

To Clarify the issue, 2 people are with me at the morgue at the end of 4. but 3 people are with me at the start of 5. How do I fix it so it uses my choices.
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  • I'm getting the same thing. It says episode 5 is installed in the "episode status" menu. I go to load my game to play episode 5, and my save file says "episode 3." I load it up and it starts me from the final checkpoint in episode 4. I beat it again, watch the credits role, and then the game switches from "Installed" to "coming soon" in the chapter select and in the episode status, and wont let me play it. I can exit the game and it will switch back to "installed" and then I can play episode 5, but is says it has to generate skipped decisions.
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