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Which death shocked you the most?

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Lots of death in this game, but which one were you least expecting?
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  • Probably Kenny. The way he was so survival minded from the latter half of Episode 2 onwards always made me look at him and say "you'll probably survive, but at what cost?" I thought he'd lose what was left of his humanity but still be one of the (un)lucky few to make it through the season. When he jumped down for Christa and then just disappeared, I even picked the "We're going back for him" line. I never saw him actually sacrificing himself for anyone he'd only known for a few days, but I guess he surprised me. He'd been my friend since Hershel's farm, but what makes it all the worse is not knowing what happeened to him for sure.
  • I would have said Lee like everyone else, but after seeing that No Time Left picture of Clementine by herself months ago for , I expected Lee to die, so I guess Duck. I know TWD isn't shy on averting the infant immortality trope, but that and the Carley/Doug ones caught me off guard.
  • I wasn't surprised by Lee's actual death, but him being bitten. Doug/Carley for obvious reasons. Mark because I mean, the guy was just introduced. And Ben, he had a chance to die, so I thought he'd stick around till the end.
  • The 2nd Carley/Doug death caught me totally off guard. Katjaa comes in a close second... what an episode...
  • Carley's.

    I saw Doug's coming, seeing as he was grabbed by a few walkers. :)
  • Carley!
    Lee should not be a choice.
    We knew that was coming a long time ago.
  • ieatbrains;734539 said:
    Lee should not be a choice.
    We knew that was coming a long time ago.
    Well there were a lot of doubters, but I agree, Lee was bitten in one episode, it should have been obvious he'd die in the next.

    However him getting bit was what shocked me, but that isn't when he died.
  • Doug, Ben and Katjaa. I knew that Ben would probably not make it, but the death itself was surprised me.
  • Lee, the whole Kenny family and Ben. I already kinda thought Carley/Doug would die, especially when the Carley romance came up. Take ME for example: in the first game, you have to choose between 2 people to save. In the second, they almost don't appear. In the third, they have the exact same "events" and can even end up dead. Sound familiar?
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