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Kenny dead or alive? (massively merged threads)

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Am I the only one who thinks, that Kenny just might survived? I saw both ways, but none of them actually showed his dead. And in the ending reviews, it says, that we "lost him in a group of walkers".

So is he dead?
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  • I have now posted in wuite a few threads like this so here's my original analysis.

    I don't like the Kenny death. I feel if you killed Ben that should prevent Kenny's death, giving it some meaning. The chances aren't good, butI still have speculations.

    1) He wasn't visibly shot in the head like Carley or Katjaa. You don't even see him die.

    2) No screams whatsoever. Even if it was a "giving himself up" moment, there is still pain, and he used the last bullet to kill Ben if you saved him in Episode 4, so he couldn't have shot himself.

    3) Escapes. If there is one thing that I know about the walking Dead, it's that if you don't see a body, they're not 100% dead. On the show, Andrew was in a similar situation and he screamed then: Kenny didn't even do that. It's definetly possible at least. He started runing down the alley. He could have gone down a manhole or shattered a window. When you look down from the roof you see the swarm over Ben and a few over something else, but not eating. They could have been reaching down a manhole into the sewers.

    4) In the end character conclusions it says, "Lost in a herd a walkers." Why not just say dead? Why would Telltale leave that open if he was completely he was not just merely dead, but most sincerely dead?

    5) Why just leave Christa and Omid? A couple. Leave all the torn apart people to die and leave the last couple that you barely know alive. To have a defining link that is with the protaganist the whole story just die quick with no real emotional tole doesn't seem realistic as much as him escaping the herd isn't realistic. If this was actually realistic, thy wouldn't leave a pregnant woman and a wounded guy alive and and the capable people dead.

    6) This is different that Lee dying. People expected Lee to die, so the everyone dies attitude would presume Kenny dead as well. If he was alive, people wouldn't expect that. As much as people wanted to save Lee, once he was bit you knew it was over. Kenny is kind of a mystery.

    7) Tyreese was in the same situation. Yes he had a hammer , but a hammer isn't much either to not only kill someone but destroy every single brain completly. That showed me nothing is impossible. Knny could smash a few heads in I'm sure. He appereciated Lee's company for that and was able to killthe walkers at the gas stations grabbing Duck as he says at Hershel's farm.

    8) He ran off. After shooting Ben he clearly runs off screen pretty fast and we see or hear nothing more of him. The scene in the building is harder to tell but it is unlikely he killed himself after that speech and we still hear nothing. So he could have escaped and he wasn't even trapped. The alley wasn't one way. He could have forced out the other side.

    So yes, the odds aren't good for him. He's more likey dead than alive, but don't close the door on Kenny yet. Something tells me Telltale wouldn't have cause this suspicion and left the door open if they weren't planning something.

  • If he were to return in season 2 it would be VERY cheesy like a soap opera
  • zeke10;734613 said:
    If he were to return in season 2 it would be VERY cheesy like a soap opera
    Perhaps his evil twin brother then?
  • Plan_R;734615 said:
    Perhaps his evil twin brother then?
  • I think kenny wanted to spilt up from the group cause he's on a mission to get his boat back
  • He dead.

    In the words of a great man... "nobody was gettin outta that."
  • AsariTears;734725 said:
    He dead.

    In the words of a great man... "nobody was gettin outta that."

    Also in the words of a great man. "Maybe he did get away, IDK"
  • I was re-watching Kenny's "death" scene and I noticed something. Around the 4:04 mark, it looks like a walker bites him. I even heard a very small chomp noise. Does anyone else see this too?
  • he dead brah get over it
  • No, there wasn't any sleeves torn or nothing.
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