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If You HAD To Be Someone From This Game..

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  • Molly, still alive, a capable survivor and doesn't have anything too horrible on her conscience.
  • Clementine so I won't die and have people watch over me all the time :p
  • Doug was just a nice, cool guy, I choose him.
  • I'd want to be Omid obviously because he made it out alive lol
  • The characters in this game are all pretty unlikable, save for Lee and Clementine. So yeah, difficult choice.

    Lee I guess.
  • The person who survived to the very end: Clementine.
  • What about Jolene? Save Lots most loyal employee, kept wearing her vest and name tag 3 months into the zombie apocalypse, I want to be her.
  • I was gonna pick Katjaa, because even though she dies in the game, I don't think, if I were her, I wouldn't have killed myself. I'd have cried, but ultimately stayed strong for Kenny. Plus, I've always wanted to be a vet, since I was about 4 years old, so that's a plus.

    But I ultimately chose Christa.
    Because she survives, is having a kid soon, (assuming she is one of the shadow people *debatable*) she gets to look after Clementine... and who wouldn't want to be married to Omid with THAT sense of humour?

    Lee: KENNY! >:O *throws statue at wall*
    Omid: ...You broke that dude's face.

    If she had been an option, I'd have picked Molly, for obvious reasons. She has amazing skills, she survives well, she's clever, and she's just plain awesome.
  • I took the urban cop from Episode 1, because he was cool and did not have to much story! Yeah. Not knowing the future. (I'd probably "knock my own ticket" after a month or two).
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    Lee is too obvious. IRL I'm a lot like Omid, in comparison to everyone I'd roll with him.
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