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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead episode 5 and entire game REVIEW thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about the last episode and concluding thoughts about the Season right here.


(poll rates the whole game, not just episode 5)
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  • I feel like I just lived a short life as Lee. I tend to get rapidly and strongly attached to fictional characters I like, so I'm glad to know that in this case I'm not the only one.

    I predict (hopefully) that Lee, Clem and this game are going to go down in gaming history as a turning point in well-written, narrative-driven and character-based experiences. In a medium dominated by mute space marines, sports franchises, and cartoonishly exaggerated archetypes, the cast here was largely made up of believable human beings.

    That said I "only" gave the game a 9/10 for two reasons, one objective and one subjective.

    The subjective one regards the characterization mentioned above. While most of the cast felt totally believable to me, that was not the case with Larry and Lilly. There was exactly no redeeming qualities to either of them, they seemed to exist purely to cause discord and strife in the group and were never shown to have any gentle feelings for anything or even each other. Hersel, the cannibal dairy farmers, the crazy dad at the end … hell, even the bandits at the motel had more going on than just "we hate everyone."

    My objective issue with the game is the oft-complained about file save bug. In a game where consistency of characterization and the players' choices are so overwhelmingly important, an oversight of this proportion is nearly unforgivable. To be fair I should note that I never experienced these problems, or any other glitches for that matter, but the fact that it's such a common complaint does not say anything good about the coders and QC for that part of the development team. For shame, TTG. For shame.

    But based on my personal experience, and my total immersion in the story, I give this season two thumbs up, 9/10, GOTY, and a standing ovation.
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    def_c�n;727085 said:
    hi, i just finished episode 5. wow after finishing i was sitting a couple minutes in front of my screen and thought about what happened before.

    for me episode 5 was after episode 3 the most schocking one.

    in this episode you have to do a lot of decisions. i am wondering if they all matters?

    does it help to cut off lee´s arm? i did´t think so, so i didn´t cut his arm of. did anyone play it twice and can say what difference it makes?

    and can you save kenny? or will he die in the radio-sequnce at any costs?
    does it matter if you say omid and crista that they should search for a boat, a train or just leave the city?

    so many questions. i hope they don´t let us wait to long for season two!

    and does anyone else have the problem with the chapter 8 achievement? i did finish the game inclusive the scene after the credits and still i don´t have the achivement for finishing the game.
    It doesn't , if you had cut the arm immedietly after the bite without loosing as much blood as if you chopped the arm at Vernon's hole then yes but unfortuanly we don't get that option.
    What remains can only be gotten if you choose to not shoot Lee
  • I voted 10 and this is definitely one of the best games in the world. All the emotions are in this game. I have never played a game that moved me. Thank you Telltale for making such great game.
  • I think that this first season of the game is an incredible achievement. I have enjoyed playing the series so much more than any game I can ever remember playing, to be honest. Considering how much big money games try to lure you in with bells and whistles and empty rewards, this subtle understated little game has been a joy in comparison... and at a fraction of the price.

    I can't remember ever having become so involved with the characters in a game, tv show or movie. The core relationship of Lee/Clementine was so beautifully played out that I felt myself being hyper-protective of her and basing all my decisions around her safety (at first) and keeping her and Lee together, even when that became dangerous. Any secondary character who impinged on this relationship became the subject of my suspicion and dislike (I let Ben die 100% because he ran off in the streets of Savannah when Clementine was in danger)... and the climax. It has, in all disturbing seriousness, affected me more than real-life break-ups and let downs. It was tragic beyond compare... and though deeply cruel and sadistic, written perfectly.

    The overall look and feel of the game too impressed me greatly. Even though it had cartoon style graphics, I caught myself more than once cringing and saying "oh my god!" at the more gruesome moments. The controls at first feel slow and clunky, but eventually feel right at home with the rest of the experience... making it play out like an interactive movie, and I feel they help making it a more immersive experience.

    I enjoyed it far more than the tv series and while I only gave it an 8 here, I do strongly feel that it is one of the better story driven games ever made.

    The only way I feel it could have improved upon the experience would have been a greater scope in the players decisions affecting how the story played out. There should have been multiple endings and multiple future scenarios. I understand why they made it how they did however... in short, so everybody has the same jumping off point for S2... but the point remains. A well-written happy Lee/Clementine ending would have made the experience so much more complete (I don't see why happy endings are so often viewed as bad things these days). I would have played it many times over... whereas now I don't feel as though I want to play it again, as I don't feel like putting myself through the emotional stresses again...

    All in all though... massively entertaining. Beautiful game. Looking forward to Season 2... though if Clementine dies I'll be utterly heartbroken.
  • Zax;734314 said:

    What remains can only be gotten if you choose to not shoot Lee
    Not true. I had poor Clemmy shoot Lee and I got my "What Remains" and platinum trophy as the credits rolled.
  • I was hoping that TellTale wouldn't wimp out and water down the brutality of the Walking Dead when I first learned about the game. I wasn't disappointed. The story and Lee's interactions with the entire cast was awesome. I'm on the fence about the "station wagon guy" though, that was kinda weak. Other than that I loved it.

    Props to the artists and the voice actors though, they made this game so easy to love. Looking forward to season 2. Edit: I actually like Lee and Clem more than any of the comic characters, haha.
  • Any game that can make me cry, (this is the first, though RDR made my eyes water) deserves an automatic 10.
  • Is it just me or did the game get all decisions from the previous games episodes and made Lee sound like a monster when he was talking with the stranger it pissed me off after i'd played every episode and then it thought i'd made decisions such as let Clementine eat the human meat, left duck to become a walker among other things.
  • TWD is definitely one of my favorite games this year. The price per hour and quality of entertainment is another big positive. Although one negative is the wait between episodes is detrimental to a dramatic game when you have a hard time trying to remember who said what two months ago.
  • Just played them all last night I bought the season pass when it first came out but just waited for all the episodes to be available.

    Best gaming experience ive had in a long time definitely, a game which brings a tear to my eye which ep-5 did is a winner well done telltale 10/10.

    Very much looking forward to season 2 I just hope it still set around the same story wouldn't like it just to end the way it did maybe even start 10 years later or so with clem being around 18.
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