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How do you let the Stranger survive?

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So I just finished it and in the stats section it says 43% of players killed the stranger, so my question is.. How do you let the stranger survive?

Also, 28% of players calmly argued with Kenny?

C'mon, Kenny was a good dude!

I played this whole ep how Gary Whitta wanted me too. No rewinds. And honestly. I'm glad. It was really annoying playing through the whole episode with one arm, but it made the conversations more interesting.

Poor Ben and Kenny.

Also, how did everyone's season end?

For example, mine ended with Clem "shooting" Lee and then going off to find Omid and Christa who were searching for the boat.

Did other people prefer to try and go inland as opposed to water?
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  • The stranger can't survive, but if you stop mashing Q as soon as the prompt disappears, Clem will shoot him instead of you strangling him.
  • If you don't kill the stranger, Clem does. He can't live.

    To get that outcome, simply stop tapping X or A or Q or whatever and stop choking him. Then he pushes you to the ground, starts choking you instead, and Clem shoots him in the head with his own gun.
  • Oh cool, what about the other questions? Did everyone save Omid and Christa? Is it even possible for one of them to die? Like if you tell them you are going to cross first? Or does it just break after you go across? Same deal, different sides?
  • Same deal, different sides. Christa and Omid always survive until the sign breaks, but they are never seen again afterward. They could be fine, or they could have died on the way out of the city. Kenny will always get killed/left behind (depending on your view of the scenes), but the way it happens depends on if you save Ben or not in Ep4. Vernon's crew will always steal the boat like jackasses, but if everyone went with you he leaves a note that will vary depending on how you treated him in Ep4. If someone stayed, they'll be locked in the shed and, in Kenny's case, beaten up.
  • ...In my ending, with Ben dying, Kenny, Omid and Christa missing in action, Clem watches Lee take his last breath and walks away from the city.

    She is last seen observing two distant figures on a hill top outside of some sort of wheat field or farm land.

    She finds shotgun and small arms ammo on the ground...they appear to be spent.
  • Taaka;734760 said:
    ...In my ending.
    I really hate to break it to you but everyone gets the exact same ending.
  • What do you mean Kenny MIA?

    How does the scene play out if Ben died in episode 4?
  • AsariTears;735766 said:
    What do you mean Kenny MIA?

    How does the scene play out if Ben died in episode 4?
    If Ben dies in Episode 4, the whole group makes it over the shaky railing and onto the roof just fine. Kenny slaps Lee on the shoulder and makes him drop the walkie into a hole in the roof and down into a dark room below. Christa jumps in to retrieve it but can't get back out. Kenny jumps in to boost her up but is swarmed (out of view) by walkers.
  • I think it is better when Clem kills The stranger

    I purposely failed the QTE because Ididn't want to kill him
    but Clem finished the job...
  • JabbaDaHuttX7;734792 said:
    Eh, do we really know if he's dead? Might've just passed out.
    That was a chance that I had no intention of taking, which is why I had Lee put a bullet between his eyes while he was sprawled out.

    Even if he was choked to death, it was also to stop him turning into a walker.
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