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K..... Yes there are two optional endings, and both seem to end with Lee dead. But how can that be? You the player are Lee. And we already know there will be a second season.

So, lets explore the options.

First and most obvious, is the optional ending where Lee is just left behind. So the option of him being dead could be that he just passed out due to the loss of blood.

And in the alternative option.... Clem shoots Lee. Kinda of a final blow with absolute certainty that lee is dead. Or is it? I mean Clem did just learn how to shoot a gun and the all important feature of her closing her eyes as she fired could be a miss shot on an already passed out Lee.

So you see..... there is still hope you will be playing as Lee in Season 2.

Thoughts or conjectures? Because I'm convinced this is how it will be.

I believe I answer everyone's questions regarding how he can survive through out this thread.... but due to a troll, I refuse to continue with pointless banter after page 5. However if you have a real question that I have not answered I will attempt to answer it...

But think about this point first; there is NO proof that Lee is dead.
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  • Nunyabiznes;734756 said:
    I'm saying exactly what I said....... show me the proof. This game isn't shielded by censors saying it's too violent. Why would they not show Lee dead? Because he's not.
    Because it's more dramatic this way. You don't have to have everything spelled out for you. It is so much better to have the scene end with the gunshot, and not midshot of Lee with his head blown apart (granted, I don't know how the scene ends if you tell Clementine to leave you, but I will find out on my second playthrough).

    Do you think Duck is still alive, because we didn't see the bullet blow his little head into gory chunks? Is that something you want to see, just for 'proof'?

    You're saying, the reason the main character can't be killed off is because the main character hasn't been killed off. That's what you're saying, you realise? It creates a vicious cycle whereby the main character can never die if your logic is followed.

    Obviously a mistype -- Don't worry I corrected it for the impaired.
    I'll keep it civil and pretend you didn't call me impaired.
  • If you refuse to believe that Lee died, from either being left chained to a radiator and not being shown with Clem at the end or that you don't see some sort of slow-mo of the bullet entering his brain, then you're being a bit too optimistic. Lee's very appearance before being shot, (His skin color is far out of whack) the fact that he can't even stand, and hearing his final breath after the gun-shot should clue you in he's got no time left.
  • Lee and Carly are dead. Sorry.
  • Just leave it guys, he/she isn't going to agree.
  • It's the walking dead. Everybody dies in the end! Kirkman said in an interview that even Rick will die in the comic.

    The strenght of the TWD is that danger lurks around every corner.
  • Nunyabiznes;734094 said:
    Also........ It's a season finally. Not a game finally. Meaning you want people to be guessing what is next.

    What better way to do that, than to make you think you (Lee) are dead?
    Good thinking! I think they could think like that! They want everybody to be sad over Lee's dead and they also are excited of who the 2 persons up on the hill is! What I think is that you going to play as a sick Lee whho tries to find Clem and the two persons on the hill is Lee and someone else?! So the ending in Season 1 is like the ending of season 2 but you find out what happend kinda!
  • Lee IS dead this ain't a soap opera
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Nunyabiznes;734371 said:
    Hmmm but he's not shown as dead.
    Basic leftover taste on Telltale's side.
    Nunyabiznes;734371 said:
    So how do you know he's dead?
    Basic narrative coherence.
  • Nunyabiznes

    This game isn't made for the likes of you, i suggest you try something more suited to your personality such as ......


    Oh and.. image
  • I dont mean to knock you opinion or discourage you but can we stop this already? Lee is dead, that was the point of such a dramatic ending. Dont you think it would take away from its effectiveness if Lee just showed up in season two saying , "Hey, guess I just needed some rest" or "thanks for not shooting me Clem"?

    It'd also be impossible since you can slowly see Lee degrading throught the episode. You could argue that its from a loss of blood from getting his arm cut off (even though its pretty clear he waited too long), but if you didnt, then he'd turn no matter what. Nobody's immune.
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