Lego LotR: Feature request - Blacksmith Plans

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Lego Lord Of The Rings

When in Middle Earth you can not check...
a) what blacksmith plans you already found
b) how much Mithril blocks it costs to build
c) if you already have it built (at least the "treasure trove" reveals this info)
d) what abilities it provides

It would be nice to always be able to view these information in a menu similar to the Extras menu for the red bricks.

This would avoid many travels to the Blacksmith just to recognize you do not have the plan or not enough Mithril (a-c).
Additionally it would the make decision what to build much more reasonable (d).

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    We do not make this game. I believe you are looking for TT Games.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    You are right I mixed it up.
    Lego games by TT are from Traveller's Tale.

    Sorry for the noise
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