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Which choices change things drastically? (EP 5 SPOILERS GALORE)

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So I've finished episode 5, but I had some q's about how different certain things are if I had chosen differently. So could I ask for people who HAVE played this way to answer some of them?

1) If you didn't save Ben at the clocktower, does Kenny ultimately end up living? Or does he still manage to die? Also, if you REALLY lose your temper with him, is it possible to like bash his head in with that marble statue instead of just throw it and have Omid deliver his best line of the series ("...Dude you totally wrecked that guy's face")?

2) If you send Omid/Christa AFTER you on that sign you cross, do either of them end up falling/dying? Or do they always survive beyond the end?

3) If you didn't kill the st. johns (I did), or help kill Larry (I did), or abandon Lily (I did) or, most importantly, help steal that guy's shit... does he end up being less angry with you? Or is it even someone else? Or is he still a raging psychopath?

4) If you go ALONE for the first part of the game, when you come back do you instead find like a whole bunch of bodies from Vernon and crew, or do they always steal your shit?

I think I had some more q's, but I forget them so this will do for now. Any answers will do :). Oh, and also, was that zombie in the hotel supposed to be Molly? Asking because you DO see an Andrea zombie at one point and yeah.

And also, how come Christa barely reacts when Lee calls her on being pregnant? She and Omid aren't surprised at ALL that he knows... even though she makes it pretty obvious, it's still weird.
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  • bdawgnit1785;731696 said:
    anyone know what happens if you save your rounds in the house (if you saved Ben since he picks your gun up after you drop it) There was a point where kenny told me to give him the ammo and leave but i said hell no (to leaving) but then he locked me away without taking the ammo. does it help him/change anything??
    Am interested in this too.

    But I believe it will only end up with Kenny surviving a few shots longer.
  • Okay... The cutting off the arm bit. You do it to buy youself time. Zombie bite makes you have an extermly short life span (less than a day) so while you will properly get get infected with something else you might have better chances than a zombie bite. (Living longer than one day)

    As for the meds... The doctor took them when he left so no meds for you to use.

    The tailor made experience... It is how the characters react to you from episode to episode. While it may not be grand changes they are slight changes... but having them give a bigger impact would be nice.

    And for the eposide 2 choice of taking the food. The nut job is still crazy and he still blames you. Any fault (And some have no "right" answer) he will blame you for. The best reaction was when you told him you where bit. That look was priceless!

    For Season Two I hope we keep Clem and have a new party and main character join them. I still hope they go with the boat plan because going into the countryside is still just as dangerous.

    If we get a new character they could make us pck their gender by picking male or female. Then have the character you didn't pick die. (that gives a reason for the new main character to join up or make a new group. Also gives a chance for new main to join clem and try to take care of her.)

    It would be interesting to see the results of season one affect season two. I mean we have Lilly realtionship that can be used. (How would she react to Clem and the fact Lee is dead) Or how about the couple's relationship since she is pregnant and you told them your final plan (the country side, train, or get a boat). How will they react and what will their plan be?

    The last one would be Kenny if he surived. How would he react to Lee's death and what will he do? Will he be set out for finding a boat and how will he react to Clem or if she joins a new group?

    Heck how would the couple react to Lilly or how would Lilly and Kenny react if they meet up again? A lot can be done from season's one choices that affect season two and most of these come focused around what will be done with Clem.
  • Hey, my choices made it to where Omid and Christa survived and would likely meet up with Clementine in the future. I gave Clem good advice and died. My game was worth it.
  • I"m getting sick and tired of every single thread ending up with people discussing issues and complaints about the game! It's disrespectful... we answered this guys questions - so leave it...
  • DreadMagus;728582 said:
    Red, green, blue?:rolleyes:
    Yeah, most of today "make decisions that matter" games don´t deliver. ME2 actualy is one of the few exeptions with it´s glorius end battle (even if a bit random at times)... but beyond that? Fable? Infamous? KOTOR? There issent much choise aside from good and bad and before the final boss they usually alowe you to switch sides.

    The Walking Dead is different. It´s not a game strictly speaking, it´s gameification of a movie/tv show. It pulls you in by giving you control about how the main character acts... is he a dick? is he a nice guy? who dos he side with? It alows you to grow more attached to the game world and feel more emotion if something happens in it.

    It dos something new. Something the comic can´t do and something a good movie (let alone that terrible TWD tv show) can´t do either. That dos not make it better or worse, qualety comes with execution. But it makes it something new (at least in the western marked, i don´t know much about the digital novels from asia)
  • Viser;727713 said:
    The point is not really how the choices affect the story, but how they affect the player...
    Amen. I believe the homeless guitar playing bum just about said the same thing. Brilliant if that was the intent of TTG.
  • Story: "a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader; tale."

    Tailor: "to fashion or adapt to a particular taste, purpose, need, etc.: to tailor one's actions to those of another."

    Does this game "tailor" the "story" based on your choices? Yes.


    Also, why is the fact that ME2 ends with you either failing or destroying the Collectors an example of properly acknowledging choices but TWD letting you either fail or get Clementine out alive not an example?

    The only difference it that 30 hours of gameplay has more choices than 10 hours of gameplay. And considering choices/hour, TWD has ME2 beat.
  • shedim;730496 said:
    and all of a sudden a wild lilly appears and puts you back on the other side of the river, only with options a and b being gone.

    After a while there is another river you have to cross and no matter what you do, all of a not-so-sudden a wild walker appears and magically brings you to the other side. You can cut off your arm in order to go back and hope that finally for once at least one of your decisions will alter the story...and that you can decide yourself how you cross the final river, but nooooo, you end up losing your arm for nothing.

    Yup, totally tailored by my decisions.

    I'll keep it the same way i do with bioware: (with)hold the wallet!

    Once bitten, twice shy.
    +1 :p
  • XTheFirestarterX;732660 said:
    I"m getting sick and tired of every single thread ending up with people discussing issues and complaints about the game! It's disrespectful... we answered this guys questions - so leave it...
    People will discuss whatever they want man.If something has bugged them, you can just arm bar them and tell them to focus on something else just coz you are "sick and tired", go look elsewhere if it bothers you so much.
  • Short answer to this topic is no choice matters. You cannot alter the story or save/kill anybody different from what is pre-written.
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