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**** Survived!!!! :eek:

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K..... Yes there are two optional endings, and both seem to end with Lee dead. But how can that be? You the player are Lee. And we already know there will be a second season.

So, lets explore the options.

First and most obvious, is the optional ending where Lee is just left behind. So the option of him being dead could be that he just passed out due to the loss of blood.

And in the alternative option.... Clem shoots Lee. Kinda of a final blow with absolute certainty that lee is dead. Or is it? I mean Clem did just learn how to shoot a gun and the all important feature of her closing her eyes as she fired could be a miss shot on an already passed out Lee.

So you see..... there is still hope you will be playing as Lee in Season 2.

Thoughts or conjectures? Because I'm convinced this is how it will be.

I believe I answer everyone's questions regarding how he can survive through out this thread.... but due to a troll, I refuse to continue with pointless banter after page 5. However if you have a real question that I have not answered I will attempt to answer it...

But think about this point first; there is NO proof that Lee is dead.
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  • Nunyabiznes;734740 said:
    I know lost as I watched it faithfully, they were dead from the start as the writers and the creators said wasn't true for seasons. But that was the whole point of the final episode. (in case you didnt know it... there is only one way to get to purgatory; death. And that didnt happen at some random point on the island.... it happened in the crash at the beginning... Thus the point of the finally.)

    As for the the point of this thread. Show me the proof ... Where did Lee get shot? Paste your screen shot here. Otherwise NONE of the main characters have died. Not in the comics, series, or even the game now.

    I said it before. I will not pour my 40 on the ground for someone not seen dead.
    You watched it yet you don't understand any of it. I'm sorry but you're getting pretty ridicilous, no offense. People on the island died, so how could they die on the island? Cause they were still alive on the island. When the people died there, they waited for eachother in purgatory. The flash sideways in the last season. They even said so in the last episode. Purgatory was the alternate world where the people on the plane didn't crash, the real world was on the island. You were being spoon fed this.
    That the creators said it wasn't purgatory was true, that they used it for the last season was lame though and the last season in general felt lame to me.

    If you don't want to take what the creator says as true, then the problem lies with you. And I'm done discussing this. But this clearly isn't for you and neither was lost. Maybe Pokémon or something could be. Simple plot where no one can die.
  • The reasoning is sound and I wish it were true but I think you may be in denial about Lee's death, I know I was but either way if you cut his arm off or leave it on he will die from the infection or blood loss, there is also the fact that Clem is a really good shot and was peeking to make sure when she fired the gun, I know on my first playthrough I chopped my arm and got her to shoot me because by the time you end up in that place Lee looks awful his eyes are going yellow and his skin is so pale I think at that point you can give up hope for Lee and just hope Clem makes it out of Savannah.

    But yeah maybe I am wrong, I'm just saying that I don't think Lee has a chance to return and that it will be a new protagonist.
  • If Lee miraculously recovers to star in season two I don't even know if I'd buy it. That would be such a cop out.
  • Lee is dead

    He is handcuffed to a radiator trying to get some bodies to gobble

    Get over it
  • If he Does not cut his arm off he will be 100% dead or walker, however if the bloodless plot line is true and he survives I highly doubt season 2 will be starring a one armed hero! Also if some people chose to not chop his arm off they cant possibly pick up with Lee if a percentage of people chose to let him have two arms and therefore know he is dead?
  • This thread is amazing.
    If I were one of TWD writers I would be partying right now.
    People getting so attached to a character they won't even admit his death. :o
  • stevean2;734083 said:
    I have a feeling that the ending whoudnt of had such a big impact if Lee still lives.

    He's dead.. and thats agood thing, cause it means its depressing and a good story. Otherwise if Lee is alive in season 2 then that means we'll have a protagonist who cannot die ... canonicly. And that whoudnt be fun anymore.
    what about rick
  • Diduz;735507 said:
    This thread is amazing.
    If I were one of TWD writers I would be partying right now.
    People getting so attached to a character they won't even admit his death. :o
    Exactly! That's just amazing... That's why I think this thread is interesting, that's funny to see how people are now attached to the characters. That's about genius from TTG.
  • Crixus;734952 said:

    This game isn't made for the likes of you, i suggest you try something more suited to your personality such as ......


    Oh and.. image
    Hey! Kirby is awesome!
  • Kitmit13;734173 said:
    I know its sad but...we need to move on from Lee. It would seem like a cheat to bring him back now. A lot of people seem to be in denial over this =c
    i'll use konami code to bring lee back
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