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Clementine's Fate

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Now, before people go nuts: I LOVE CLEMENTINE. Remember that before going to town on me.

Does anyone else think killing off Clementine and Lee would've been a better ending? Or more emotional and memorable rather?


I mean, now we have this cliffhanger ending and I don't know where the series is gonna go or how it will incorporate past characters. I figure, if they were going to kill one of the two stars, they might as well had killed both and started from scratch.

I mean, how would they even go about bringing up what Lee did around Clem to new characters without painstakingly trying to write it in. Either they do a writer's copout and have Clem vaguely mention Lee and never become specific on his actions around her or they'll try to incorporate your decisions only to write themselves in to a corner like they did in Episodes 4 and 5. And that leads to plotholes. And I hate plotholes.

New cast. New location. New scenarios.
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  • That would have been too sad. Maybe only acceptable if they had no plans for Clem in season 2. It kind of looks like they do.
  • Dildor;735172 said:
    That would have been too sad. Maybe only acceptable if they had no plans for Clem in season 2. It kind of looks like they do.
    I wish they didn't have plans for Clem. I like her as a character, but let's move on.
  • No, we want more Clem. This hasnt been enough. Wait a while. The last game they do should have her death.
  • Of course there's a third scenario - new group... that meets clem/omid/christa and then after an episode or two they part ways.....

    That gives people some closure, while allowing for a new storyline.
  • Clem was okay for the first season, but they should try harder to pull my strings. A cute little girl who screems for protection is a little too cheap in the long run.
  • But this is a rare experience and to try again would be just "Oh boring Telltale doing ot again'
    They have an opertunity and they can build more love for clem and I hope the TV show adapts her. Shes that great and could be a charecter to befriend Carl and his new born sister.
    Imagine the emotion finding Clem if that is continued in TWD S4 of finding a scared Clem whos lost so much. The right actress and this would really take a great TV moment
  • Shrewsbury Survivor;735350 said:
    I hope the TV show adapts her.
    problem being that the voice actress is a white lady in her late 30s...

    If they were going to kill both of them, i'd much rather they just kept both alive instead.

    i'd have been happy with a happy lee/clem ending and a new bunch in S2.
  • Thats what I mean... IF tv did it they would need a kid with a simlar voice and atleast a bit look like Clem.
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