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Did you decide to cut Lee's arm off or not?

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I personally decided to cut it off. It seemed that if there was any way I was going to live through this at all that I was going to have to cut it off (although, the only person I've ever seen survive a bite in TWD is Herschel from the TV Show). I mean, of course, it didn't matter anyways. But how many of you cut off your arm and how many of you didn't? Also, why?
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  • I cut it off, because at this point it doesn't really matter if you lose an arm, I thought it would have actually kept me from turning until another walker bit me or some shit, but it didn't.
    I heard it did keep you from fainting more though.
    And strangling Campman with one hand was just too epic.
  • i knew lee would die no matter what so i did it
  • I was bummed that Lee was going to die and when the time came to decide about the arm I decided Lee should keep his arm. All this time, one playthrough with no rewinds, I felt I owed it to Lee. One last time, let the hero be heroic with both arms on one last mission.

    I knew I had done right by Lee when I saw him pick up that glass shard with one hand and the cleaver in the other then start tearing into a gaggle of walkers.
  • I feel like the ending where you have both arms is way more emotional. Instead of saying you were bitten you just show her your arm and clem's all like what no no no no. That was where I cried:p Everywhere else it was misty eyes or almost tears but right then i just cried. Then I said I was sorry cuz I couldn't look after her anymore and she's all "I KNOW!" damn game;)
  • Marussian;731341 said:
    I thought it was too late and I'll die anyway so I didn't cut my arm off.

    And I thought that Lee needed more two arms than extra suffering and being mutilated.
  • I hacked it off because I knew keeping it would make me faint 24-7.
  • There shouldve been an option to cut it off as soon as they got to the morgue, not after he started to show symptoms ._.
  • I cut it off on one, kept it on other. With both arms he faints more, but ending is more emotional, and fight scenes more awesome. But I would like to keep that slight hope that SOMEHOW if you cut the arm off and choose to leave him, he magically makes it xD You can get rid of the arm to lose the infection, keep him from getting bitten more times, not handcuff him so he can leave, and not kill him. At the very least I hope it affects something later on, like you see him as a walker later or find him alive. Idc either way, I just thought leaving him like he had no chance was an insult to Lee. He may have been infected, and we know he was sick, but can we be sure he really dies? Telltale loves to pull this type of twist, as so does TWD series. For all you know Clem never shot him because you hear slight breathing after she takes the shot. When you leave him maybe he just fainted again. But for an infected he lasted alot longer than most in my opinion. Maybe I'm just stubborn and bull-headed for not wanting to off Lee knowing he's a goner, but damn... Lee, really? Makes you wish you could jump in the game and make your own choices, cause I think most of us knew what was coming in that trash, and we were all screaming "AMPUTATE!!!!" when he was bitten lol. Oh well, we shall see this year I suppose. Gonna prepare for the worst yet hope for best with next season!
  • I did not, because (a) I knew it was already way too late to matter since the group waited so long to act, and (b) thematically the death of the mentor figure is a classic in literature, and (c) there's as much a danger of bleeding out in having a limb cut off as there is of any sort of life being saved. David's death showed us that much.

    I know a hopeless case when I see one. :(
  • I didn't cut it off for two reasons:

    1 - The "bite" most likely already spread through his whole body.

    2 - If you don't cut it off, it's not like Lee is going to die, and if you DO cut it off, he lives, the game would be totally unfair and stray really far from each other, so It wouldn't matter.
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