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Ben's alternate fates SPOILERS

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(spoiler...a little...) i was just wondering for someone who didnt let ben die.
In the bell happend so fast... i let him die. and i dont do that rewind crap. i was wondering what the hell hppens to him if he survives with you? does he die? how?p.s.(SPOILERS) the way i did it is hes hanging down the inside of the tower and you drop him(he begs you to...) and he breaks his legs...then walkers eat him alive. i felt so bad at that moment.

Just wondering...
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  • Poor Ben... Telltale was pretty mean to him, they didn't even let him 'make things right'. At least he stood up for himself before... that =/
  • Ben's last act was getting Kenny killed as well..
    Still it gave Kenny a good Heroic ending and he suffered less and got a chance to stand up for himself
  • what happenes if you leave him in crawford in the classroom.
  • Ben's biggest fear was getting eaten alive by the walkers(which happens if you drop him in Crawford) but it's very likely Kenny prevented that fate if you previously saved Ben.
    I agree with Christa that someones death doesnt immediately absolve them of previous sins but Kenny earned some respect from me for that final act.
  • When does he tell off Kenny? I wanna see that playthrough. Also, I wanna see a Ben only and a Kenny only.
  • While Ben's corpse was still probably eaten, he didn't feel anything because Kenny made sure he wasn't in any more pain that he had to be. RIP Ben and Ken.
  • Master of Aeons;735379 said:
    When does he tell off Kenny? I wanna see that playthrough.
    If you saved ben in the bell tower in episode 4. When you get back to Kenny (while he's locked inside the boathouse) Kenny will freak out saying there's no hope left, when ya tell Kenny to chill out, Ben will finally stand up for himself to Kenny.
  • shouldnt feel bad for Ben at all. he was a whiney screw up who, albeit indirectly, got a lot of the more likable, useful group members killed.

    I was glad to let him take a one way trip down the bell tower... even if it got me a pout from Clem.
  • I hated dropping Ben. Poor kid didn't deserve that. Although, I admit that I'm glad I did it for my first playthrough because i got to see my friend Kenny actually SAVE Christa instead of commiting suicide with Ben.
  • Rock114;734739 said:

    Here it is, in all of it's soul crushing glory. I dropped him at Crawford originally too.
    Wow. That's cool! Not that Ben and Kenny died but rather Lee's reaction to their death's. In my game, Lee hates Kenny and when Kenny dies (somewhat heroically to save Christa) Lee just kinda shrugs it off. Too little too late. But in the video, Lee seems sad that his friend is gone...both of them I guess. Tailored experience I suppose.
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