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Lee Everett or Rick Grimes

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Who would you trust most with your life?
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  • Lee

    I despise people who think they gotta be the leader when there are a lot of people with smart ideas around. Didn't work well with Ghaddafi and Saddam Hussein and Kim Yong Il. Rick to me is a loose cannon.
  • comic rick or tv show. game lee or tv show lee
  • Doctanian;734224 said:

    Rick hasn't been bitten by a walker obviously hiding behind a piece of a cardboard.
    This made me chuckle. I'd still pick Lee, though, because he seem's a lot more safer and easier to be around and he won't kill me if I piss him off.
  • Saoralba131;734273 said:
    You make a good point sir.

    Though atleast Lee hasn't gone insane!
    well rick was bitten
  • Rick before he starts screwing Andrea.
  • Pickles312;735771 said:
    Rick before he starts screwing Andrea.
    casually tries to stop laughing.
  • I'm not sure, Rick can be very easily angered and too quick to judge sometimes.

    Bare in mind I am only half way through season 3 of the tv series in the UK and have only managed to find the first volume of the comics.

    My version of Lee did what he could to protect women and children, was honest (telling hershal the truth, revealing the bite), would only kill if it was absolutely needed (left the farm brothers alive) would leave no man behind if he could (saved Ben), would still try to make people not forget morals and such (didn't steal the food)

    From what I've seen of Rick (especially right now after what happened to Lori) Rick is very unstable and unpredictable since he had lashed out at Glenn for no reason and would storm off when something he didn't like happened or would try to control situations even if there was no threat. Rick is a strong leader but borderline broken.

    My Lee is also a good leader but he still listens to the group and will side with who he thinks is right for that time and not just because he may be friends with one member of the group more than another.
  • I like comic Rick better than TV Rick, but if Lee was the way I played him.. I would chose Lee.
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