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**** Survived!!!! :eek:

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K..... Yes there are two optional endings, and both seem to end with Lee dead. But how can that be? You the player are Lee. And we already know there will be a second season.

So, lets explore the options.

First and most obvious, is the optional ending where Lee is just left behind. So the option of him being dead could be that he just passed out due to the loss of blood.

And in the alternative option.... Clem shoots Lee. Kinda of a final blow with absolute certainty that lee is dead. Or is it? I mean Clem did just learn how to shoot a gun and the all important feature of her closing her eyes as she fired could be a miss shot on an already passed out Lee.

So you see..... there is still hope you will be playing as Lee in Season 2.

Thoughts or conjectures? Because I'm convinced this is how it will be.

I believe I answer everyone's questions regarding how he can survive through out this thread.... but due to a troll, I refuse to continue with pointless banter after page 5. However if you have a real question that I have not answered I will attempt to answer it...

But think about this point first; there is NO proof that Lee is dead.
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  • it's carley all over again...

  • anonymau5;735561 said:
    Hey! Kirby is awesome!
    You bet it is! :)
  • "No one is ever truly dead in writing"
    Let me first point out my disconcern one way or another. I honestly don't care that Lee might be dead, and coming off the back of a my other favorite genre, Mass Effect 3, his end was certainly well written.

    While I'll say that anyone seriously hoping that Lee is alive, well - in any other context I'd say ''it's possible,'' because we didn't actually see him dead but probably not here. The Walking Dead genre for anyone who follows the comics knows that it's filled to the brim with depression. There are no "happily ever afters."

    So while I'd concede that because we didn't actually see Lee's death like Carly's, he may still be alive -- I wouldn't bet on that horse in this universe.

    I think that's why I like The Walking Dead, no character has the golden lifeline. We *may* even see Clementine's death soon enough.
  • FlyingMouse;734081 said:
    Did you see how sickly Lee looked towards the end of the game? It looked like his eyes were turning yellow and his skin colour looked almost dead. There's no hope for him, it'd be unrealistic to think there was. He was bitten. This is the Walking Dead, people who are bitten die.

    (Sure the chopping of the arm may have bought him some time if he would have did it right away, but it wasn't done immediately).
  • Wow, where's the cake?
  • Saracenar;734706 said:
    This has already been addressed. Not all of your bodily functions suddenly cease to work when you die. You might have a finale breath, your fingers might uncurl (or curl), you'll void your bowels, etc.
    This I know. I work in medical so trust me, I know it very well. But from a gun shot wound at point blank range?
    No, the body would not make any respiratory sounds. And if it did it would be a screeching noise as the air struggles to escape a larynx with no muscle tone. The breathes Lee took were sounding pretty healthy to me.

    What would happen, is he would have voided his bowels, as he was in the upright position, gravity would have taken it's toll.

    But this is all neither here nor there, because after the credits we see Clem walking alone through the countryside. Surely she would have known if she hit Lee or not.
  • I actually hope Lee lives as much as you do. But from where I'm look at it, it's highly unlikely.
  • I love Lee just as much as you guys. But he's gone. He's been redeemed, and ensured a little girls future in the apocalypse.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Actually, Jake has just confirmed Lee's death over in the FAQ thread (Regular TWD forum).

    So we can finally put this to rest. Next up: "Was Lee human or an alien from Brunxwedel VII?". After all, no character in the game ever explicitly denies this!
  • This is a zombie game. People die. No one wants anyone to die. ya'll soft.
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