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The Walking Dead for PS Vita ?

posted by deejay214 on - last edited - Viewed by 3.3K users
I was wondering if there was going to be a Vita version of the walking dead game. I played it on ps3 and enjoyed it a lot. With the vita's choice of controls. it seems like it would be great to interact and play the game on the system. It has the power to run a little scaled down version of the ps3 game. I saw somewhere that it was available on the Ipad too.
So it's a question and a request - The Walking Dead on the PS Vita please.......????
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  • Thank you very much. I hope it gets the greenlight.
  • MattP;735009 said:
    We are not currently planning to release The Walking Dead on the Vita, but I also do not believe it's been discussed. I will make sure to mention your support for the idea to our Production team.
    If I had the money I'd finance the Vita version. Please make it happen guys there's a lot of Vita owners over on GAF who would love TWD on Vita and more around the globe.
  • Hello !

    A vita version of The Walking Dead would be great and instant buy for me... !!!
    Please do it :-)
  • :cool:is this game comming to PSvita i would love that it would be a great idea
    or make for psvita
    Walking Dead -Vultures Wreak- so you have different characters in a different part of america
    please consider this you dont have to but it would be cool :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • Highly doubt it PSvita was a major flop in terms of units sold, there is nearly no market at all to make it worthwhile to port games to it.
  • dubesor;742328 said:
    Highly doubt it PSvita was a major flop in terms of units sold, there is nearly no market at all to make it worthwhile to port games to it.
    I don't think it bad, I love my Vita I use it every day on the bus on my way to work. Best money spent for the system.

    As for the Walking Dead for Vita I would buy it.
  • Funny...hardly see anyone here in Japan playing PS vita....most still rock the PSP...

    I'd think about buying a Vita for TWD
  • The walking dead is a brilliant game. love every minute of it. but for a ll the PS3 owners with a PS VITA (like myself), i would like to see the game become compatible with the PS VITA. i mean, if it can be done on iOS, then why not the vita right? So telltale games, if you read this (i hope), please could you turn this brilliant game series into a vita launch. would love to play Lee Evertts epic story unfold on my PS VITA. If any others who think the same as me. Please comment something else, have your say on this or whatever to try and get this message across to Telltale! This game is game of the year in my eyes and the first to make me cry. This would be the best launch to date if released on the Vita.
  • -__- i dont have a vita so no
  • KingOfTheDead;746782 said:
    -__- i dont have a vita so no
    But if you did have a vita, would you want to see the walking dead become a vita title too. Think about it.
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