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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead episode 5 and entire game REVIEW thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about the last episode and concluding thoughts about the Season right here.


(poll rates the whole game, not just episode 5)
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  • This game was so much more than the sum of its parts. The storytelling was powerful and emotional, something rarely done in video games and, as far as I'm concerned, never done this well. I think that the people who are complaining about the story in any way (not the technical issues, those may be valid but I had none playing the Xbox 360 version) just aren't looking at this clearly. There were things that could be changed by your decision. The overall story itself couldn't, but the way they got to those points sure were.

    I chose to let Ben die in Crawford and that effected the way Kenny left the group. I saw both ways Kenny "died" and this one was MUCH better. He jumped down and took on the zombies to save a life for the good of the group. I was hopeful that I would see him again but was very satisfied with how they handled it. Also, people keep talking about the stranger who had Clem and that he wasn't rational in his decisions like it was a problem with the story. The guy had his wife's zombie head in a bowling bag and spoke with it like it was still his wife and they were still a family. I think it is fair to say that he wasn't all there upstairs. Holding him to any kind of logical standards went right out the window at that point. And finally we come to the ending. I see this complaint more than any and I just don't understand it. I don''t think the ending was altered in any way just because they decided to do a second season. It wasn't left open ended for that reason, it was left the way it was because that is how things would really be. The point of the game's story wasn't about the majority of the group surviving. It was about Lee's redemption as a human being and it was about him teaching poor little Clem everything she needed to survive on her own. When we first meet Clem she is a frightened, helpless child. When the game ends she is everything she needs to be to survive in such a horrible world. Whether she finds the remaining group or new people all together is irrelevant. There could never be a happy ending or closure in a world like that and I thank TellTale for having the guts to not cop out with a happy ending. 10 out of 10 for me and I can't wait for the second season.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Clementine uncertain and alone in a grassy field has been the main image for episode five from day one (its been sitting there in the main menu all this time!). Hopefully that alone shows that the epilogue has been planned from the start and wasnt tacked on later. What you think about it, whether you like it or not is a separate matter, of course!
  • Overall an excellent gaming experience a bit of a shame that each episode was well overdue but aside from that theres very little to complain about episode 2 really picked the pace up and it never slowed until the end .
    I'm glad i'm not the only one with an achievement glitch either albeit a different one to the ones mentioned by others (I hadnt heard anyone else mention it up until now so I didnt bother myself) at the end of ep.3 my console showed 27/32 achievements I thought that this would solve itself once the console realised its error when ep.4 was either started or complete but it didnt and now the whole game is completed and all the achievements are full (40/40) but my xbox reads that the game is 35/40 and not completed even though this is obviously impossible . Rating : 8/10
  • Had to make an account just to say what I think of this game haha. Well I have to give it 8/10. It's truly deserving of it, it didn't just copy paste the storylines of the comics or show and truly got me absorbed in this storyline with it's characters. I'm gonna give a short thought on 1-4 but will talk more about 5.

    Episode 1 started slow but was a good grounding for setting up the characters and drawing people in.

    Episode 2 started showing more flare with some of the decisions really feeling tougher like the sharing of only 4 food items and the Larry incident (one of the most interesting characters too)

    Episode 3 had a lot going on which was really good and it's arguably my favourite. The whole sequence with the bandits and Lily and then leading up to Katjaa and Ducks death was all pretty well done.

    Episode 4 this was pretty long compared to the rest, felt a little slow at times but I still really enjoyed it.

    Episode 5, I felt as though it was a bit rushed or too short, perhaps that's because episode 4 was much longer making me feel like this one would be longer like the episodes had more happening each time. Still very enjoyable and gripping with quite a few good pulls on the heart strings, particularly with Kenny's final moments with Ben and the final scene in the locked room. However I do feel there was a lot left unresolved or just off, like choosing who you could have brought, I brought everyone except Ben yet the whole scene played out with Lee doing everything anyway which made the decision lose weight especially since my Lee had his arm hacked off so if a one armed man managed to do all that with or without the group it felt kinda pointless making a deal about who to bring. Lee somehow knowing Crista was pregnent with no real reaction to him knowing since she never really adressed it in my playthrough but it was hinted at. Lee having his arm cut off I had hoped would impact the ending somehow by maybe extending his time till death compared to not doing so and if he didn't hack it off he'd have perhaps died before saving Clem but nope.

    The stranger at the end being angry at me despite my choices (even when I didn't take the food) did make me think about my actions but knowing that he'd hate me no matter what I did in other playthroughs and the fact he talked to his decapitated wifes head to make him out as crazy further made my previous actions seem pointless on the plot cause he'd hate me anyway.

    The final scene with Clem and Lee I will admit made me cry, was I satisfied with it? In some ways yes and no. It did a good job of making me really feel for Clem and Lee who truly lost everything and Lee trying to do everything he could with his last dying breaths did add power to the scene but so much still felt rushed and unresolved. Even more so with leaving Clem in that feild, will the final things I said to her before she left me have effected her as a character?

    Don't get me wrong, this is by far one of the best games with the best characters in any medium I have ever played. I adore it and encourage more games and stories like it. My biggest gripe was that none of my actions truly effected the plot in any way, everyones playthrough would have the group all going to the farm, then the train, then the city and so on. An alternate storyline where the group perhaps goes somewhere else or triggers events earlier or later than they possibely could have would have been interesting. There were no real times where you would have failed and made the story alter or succeed and make it change except with a game over from a quick time event to which you'd just be popped back into the last time it was there to continue the same storyline.

    In a way I can understand that "There are no right decisions" in this which is true, it's all based on what the player thinks would be right at the time as themselves or as Lee but I feel like whether it's the right decision or not is irrelevent and it should be more like "What will be the consequences of my actions be?" Things would have nearly always lead to the same outcome like in this game which would most likely not be the case in real life. In the end I love this game but felt the whole "Your decisions effect the outcome of the plot" thing just didn't happen and made it lose some weight in it's decision making but the choices still felt tough and made me ponder what really is the right thing to do for that situation.

    Well done Telltale, you have truly outdone yourselves with this.
  • Short and sweet - thank you Telltale for an excellent story. I look forward to Season Two and hopefully the continuation of Clementine's story.

    And how cool it is that Vainamoinen made the Special Thanks list in the credits?!
  • I haven't gotten emotional playing a video game, like ever. Maybe slightly during FFX because come on, that ending was kind of heart shattering but even then I was more just bummed then anything and a touch on the misty-eyed side of things. But this game....

    I'll admit it. I'm a full-grown man and I bawled like it was me in there. I could feel the pain that was coming from Clementine. (Might I add, she better win a helluva lot of voice acting awards, she was amazing throughout this entire series!) And I never button-mashed harder then the second time where she BEGGED for Lee to get up. I was fighting it til then but then I just let it out and yelled at him, "Get up you son of a bitch! This one last thing, DO IT!"

    But I felt that it was also fitting that she did it herself. At least that gave Lee some peace of mind so he could go in peace. She was able to do it..... even if I had to kick the bat at her. <.<

    So I gave it a 10/10 all around. Would I have liked to play as Lee for season 2? Yes, of course. But I have a feeling that Telltale will bring out another character that we can grow to love for that season....

    Then kill them..... and make me hate them for a day but growing in to an even bigger fan. But come on, Omid and Christa got to live? ... Cos she had a baby. I actually had a feeling once we heard that that she'd be okay for a while at least. Probably out by Ep 2 next season but still. xD
  • And how cool it is that Vainamoinen made the Special Thanks list in the credits?!
    I second this!
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    fusedmass BANNED
    I can't really understand a game that had so much build up could just jump to a break on the ending. First it was "The Bite" cutting off his arm didn't do a thing one way or another. But a company who prides itself on choices impacting should have made arm thing had a bigger impact.

    The whole Ben and Kenny thing bothered me. If you dropped Ben then Kenny and Ben would never have that topic and they both get melted off at the end. I wanted to see them actually getting away.

    The entire game we followed them where they went because they left the group we can't see them. I think entire game was great, voice acting was just top notch. Graphics were smooth no glitches and the story's were compelling.

    I just wished we could've seen what happended at the end. I wanted to see them jumping on that dang boat.
  • The Walking Dead game is definitely one of my top games this year, if not THE top game. Gameplay was as refined as you can make a classic-point-and-click game, and the story is incredible in every sense of the word.

    My only problems with it is the fact that the majority of the choices are mostly just illusions. The only ones that affect anything is choosing to save Larry and Ben, and even then they mostly just affect small things (namely, Kenny; If you try to save Larry he will be a lot more douchey towards you, and if you save Ben he will die in a more spectacular manner than if you let Ben go. Either way, it felt mostly like a cheap little thing that TTG put in there, but otherwise i enjoyed them. The fact that even if i had a suspicion that they didn't matter i still felt a bit bad about the choices i made speaks for the level of quality writing TTG is capable of, so kudos.

    10/10, really good game series. Can't wait for season 2.
  • Simply 10/10, it was a great game and an amazing experience for me, the ending (which made me cry like a little baby... and I still do thinking about the ending) topped it of. Loved it. Can't wait for the next season!
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