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Why does Lee not but his watch back on

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After he amputates if he did that in an atempt to survive why did he not put it back on
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  • Ryman;735851 said:
    Should've kept the watch just to give to Clem. Kind of like the hat her dad gave her. Something to always remember him by.
    He gave her a gun, far more practical. :p
  • george1120;735852 said:
    she will need the watch? really? how about the gun she used to kill/spare lee's life with? Sounds better that way and would make sense why she kept it for so long.
    I never said she would need the watch and the dead cop/guard gave her the gun. I was saying she knows its Lees watch. It would be a personal keepsake, a memento, something to remember him by. Something she can look at and know its his. A piece of him to keep close to her.
  • Oh yeah, I forgot that wasn't Carley's plot-gun.
  • Of course, why did it matter? He just chopped off his arm. The pain that he had mattered the most above all else.
  • So you'd think it would be natural for Lee, right after cutting off his arm, to take a WATCH off his severed arm and then ask someone to help him put it on? That would have just been weird and completely unnecessary.
  • Actually his watch WAS working. At the start of Ep4, when the bell goes off, the group discovers it's not on a timer when Lee looks at his watch and tells them it's 20 past the hour. Plus, that watch was awesome.
  • Well, Lee's too proud to have someone put the watch on for him, and... well... the one handed thing....
  • I'm actually shocked some people believe the first reaction someone would have following getting amputated following their pseudo-daughter being kidnapped would be "oh, gotta get my watch!"

    Unless this is a joke thread. Please tell me this is a joke thread.
  • Zeruis;735877 said:
    Of course, why did it matter? He just chopped off his arm. The pain that he had mattered the most above all else.
    No, that's not logical.

    the most logical thing to concern your self with after losing your left hand in a attempt to buy mere hours of your life is to put your watch back on.

    you never know when knowing if it is 5 o clock or 4 o clock will save your life. Because no one can look at the sky and see when the earth will rotate out of the sun's range.

  • I was wondering that too, though i suppose i understand that it wouldn't be an immediate thing to care about.

    I totally would have taken the severed arm with the watch on it with me and used it to shake peoples hands in greetings and such.
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