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What kind of avatar size is this?

posted by N7. on - last edited - Viewed by 467 users
What kind of limit is this? It's an awful size
Please increase it to 150*200

I'll going to speak with the site technical Manager
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    Darth Marsden;735549 said:
    I'm pretty sure this isn't the best place for this thread, but I can't really find think of anywhere else more appropriate, so I'll let it slide. THIS TIME. image

    The avatar size is fine. So you might have to resize your image. Boo hoo.
    As you wish, You're a good manager, So you even have my permission to delete the thread
    der_ketzer;735557 said:
    We already talked about it in the suggestions thread. But now that we have this nice poll I don't think merging it with that one would go so well.
    Do you really think any one from Telltale team would like to read all pages of that thread?
  • Practically no-one from the actual Telltale team visits the forum, save for the Support section, for obvious reasons. It's why us mods have to put a disclaimer in our signatures saying we're not actually a part of the team. You'd be surprised how many people don't actually read that though. The number of times I've gotten abuse from people who think I work there... (It's twice).

    I'm not gonna delete the thread just because you asked a question. If the responses get too off-topic, I might close it, but I won't delete it. I rarely delete threads, and if I do it's because they're spam. Or offensive. Got a couple of those after TWD Episode 5 came out. Not as many as you'd think, but still a couple.

    And just because mods can have bigger avatar images (which was news to me anyway) doesn't mean we HAVE to have bigger avatar images. I happen to quite like mine, thank you very much.
  • Darth Marsden;735659 said:
    Practically no-one from the actual Telltale team visits the forum,
    this makes me sad.

    "II. Whoa, the Telltale Team posts here.
    Sometimes you'll see posts by people with italicized names and the tiny Telltale Games logos by their names; those are folks that work for Telltale. A few of these people are responsible for maintaining the website and forums, and so will be more visible in the community attempting to keep the forums a sane place, so listen to them!

    With Telltale folks meandering through the forums every day, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind:
    We can speak for ourselves, and (often) do!

    *cry* i miss the old forums
  • Where's the option that says the avatar is too big?

    Seriously, I want a teensy weensy avatar so that people have to zoom way in to be able to see it at all! WHERE CAN I GET THIS?????
  • Darth Marsden;735659 said:
    We have signatures?

    EDIT: Right, so we DO have signatures, however, I have disabled them, most likely by default.

    EDIT2: Right, so now I can see why I disabled them in the first place.
  • Rather Dashing;735885 said:
    Don't you dare. You know my eyes are bad enough as they are.
  • Yeah, 50x50 is kind of an outdated size limit.
    I'm personally in favor of 100x50 'widescreen' avatars, which would allow for a bit more expressiveness while having zero impact on the height of posts.
  • Well, I remember more than a few times I tried to change my avatar the pics were too big and I was forced to resize them. Unfortunately, the quality was so reduced that the pic looked horrible and I had to give up on it. I think that 19.5 KB size is too small. I made a really cool gif and I wanted to use it as an avatar, but it wasn't accepted because my gif was 19.9 KB. I mean, seriously!? 0,4 KB!?
  • The small size is to discourage complicated animated avatars. You'd be amazed at what people will try and get away with if given the chance.
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