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Other emotionally powerful games?

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After finish ep.5, I can safely say that TWD is one of my favorite games. The story was incredible but what really made it for me was how the game made me care for the amazing characters they created. The game had me screaming at my TV at some points, when really its just a bunch of pixels saying and doing some shit. But i wanted to know what other games, if there are, you've played, are like this one in the sense you really care about the characters and the game hurls you through a bundle of emotions, and whether or not they match TWD ?
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  • The Walking Dead is the first game that has made me really care about the characters in it. In most games I'd think 'that sucks they died', but wouldn't put much emotion into it. In this one, I feel horrible, even for the characters I thought I hated.
  • Mass Effect trilogy up until the end almost makes it but it falls short.
    The Longest Journey might be the only other game that had me emotionally attached as much as The Walking Dead. Still pales in comparison though.
  • The only other games I played that got me this into the story was Fatal Frame 1 and 2. You are the sister going into the first one looking for your brother and find out what happend to everyone that has ever been there. Two endings on both of them, but the second ending if I remember you have to beat the game on hard. Really pulled at my heart strings. The second you are one of the twin sisters going through All Gods village trying to find your twin as you find out what happened to the spirts of the two twins that haunt the place. Best scary and heart pulling games of all time. TWD is my second on the list after those. Wish I still had them.
  • Heavy Rain... really sad game.
  • Yea Heavy Rain. It is the best game I ever played.
    Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy) was alright, it started out promising but the story get's extremely stupid and rushed later in the game.
  • The Walking Dead is the onøy game who I have sat down and cried afterwards, those emotions man!

    There is no other game like TWD, it's unique!
  • I have to say To the Moon as well.
  • Silent Hill 2
    I didnt see this in thread.
    Come on guys!

    Once you've experienced it.. this game will be with you for the rest of your life.

    I remember the day when i saw the ending... God...
    A best experience. And not gaming only experience.

    Actually it is damn hard to make it through the end..
    is like a fight... with your own I

    sometimes game is so disgusting.
    But in the end... all this way...
    Is like a revelation.
    A literally way through hell.

    SH2 changes you.

    Common opinion that this game is just another horror with scary city and monsters.
    I really feel sad that the other games in series and the movies are make people to think like that.

    SH2 was an experiment. Its absolutely independent story.. and.. this game is all about soul.

    Beware of spoilers and give it a try.
  • Red Dead Redemption is the only other game that's even close the TWD in quality. The ending of that game was heartbreaking.
  • Final Fantasy 7... probably one of the top 10 story-based video games ever created.
    Final Fantasy 6 is up there too, but 7 was just so good.
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