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Spoilers\ What was your decision on the two brothers?

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I killed them both.

When I finished the game it said only 12% of players killed them..

Were you guys asleep?? They killed and fed you a member of your own group and held the rest of you in a torture chamber and you let them live?!?!?!

I guess I am going to have to rock the impending apocalypse solo then.. weak.
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  • i killed the both of them
  • Killing Danny seemed to "purge" the anger from me... especially after Clem saw what I did.

    With Andy I was just over it & left him to his fate. His begging for me to come back just made my decision all the more poignant and satisfying. :p
  • I let the 2 brothers live because I would never have killed them in front of clementine.
  • This was one of my favorite segments in the game. One of the few times the game really tests your concepts of morality, in my opinion.

    I came out of the meat locker fully intending to kill all the St. Johns at the first opportunity. I finished off Danny out of pure vengefulness without even hesitating. He obviously deserved it. But when I realized Clem saw me do it, and it freaked her out, I immediately felt awful. The way she recoiled a bit behind Lilly and looked at me like she was afraid of me...just, ugh. Awesome animation job, Telltale.

    So I let Andrew live, because I wasn't about to execute a second guy in front of Clem. Sheltering her from a little bit of the awfulness of the world felt a lot more important than taking vengeance on Andrew. Plus, the dairy was in ruins, his mother and brother were already dead, and he was about to be eaten by walkers anyway. He was totally broken and no longer any threat.

    Afterward in the conversation with Clem, I told her Andrew probably got eaten by walkers and that killing was always bad, even when you have to do it, and she seemed a little reassured about me but maybe not entirely. And it felt like a great conclusion, messy and flawed, but satisfying.
  • Fragged 'em.

    Cannibalism makes you go insane so it would just be a slow roll downhill for them any way you look at it.

    Once you go feral you don't go back, so I put them down like the rabid dogs they are.
  • I didn't kill them, I figured they're both great for the walkers :D
  • I killed the first brother and left the second one. I didn't want to give the first one to have the chance of saving his brother. The second one was good as dead anyways.
  • I let the first one live, he was trapped and wouldn't have gotten far. Killed the second one. There's no way I would have let them get away after what they did. In my world people who act like wild animals deserve to be put down as such.
  • Nah, let 'em both live. I wouldn't do it in real life (at least, not as I stand now; after a few months in a zombie world, who knows?).
  • I didn't kill them.

    But I have to admit, the both of them. Did fucked up shit, we weren't the first survivors to the farm. Look at the back of the barn, smeared and covered with blood and guts everywhere. What the fuck... It's unreal how a fucked up world can make men do something like that.

    I didn't kill them because Clementine was watching, I needed her to learn to not be afraid and dismiss enemies when they are no longer a threat (the first was stuck in a custom bear trap and the other was beaten and surrounded by walkers, including their mother. It was poetic justice), also only kill when it's necessary, to protect your friends and loved ones.

    Needless to say, I did kill Campman in front of her to set that very important example. And seriously, I felt bad for him. He went through so much shit I felt that blowing his head off would be doing him a favor and making him finally rest in peace.

    Wish the game gave me the opportunity to shoot the head in the bag.
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